I am thinking that a Damier Speedy won't be as attractive as the Mono Speedy, rop

  1. The Speedy is a pretty casual, unstructured bag that develops a sag so I am thinking that the Mono pattern goes better with it than a Damier pattern would. IMO the Damier pattern looks best on structured bags like Ribera and Belem.

    Am I alone in thinking this way? :oh:
  2. I will prob. have to see it IRL in order to make up my mind.:hrmm: It doesn't do anything for me when I see it in pictures.:shame:
  3. saw it in the LV catalogue the other day, and yep i agree, wasn't impressed but who knows it might grow on me in time.
  4. I know what you mean. Is the damier a thicker harder leather? Will it keep its shape better than the mono speedy does?
  5. I spoke to a LV SA about the material. She seemed new so could not be entirely correct, but she said that the Damier material is different than the Mono. The Damier's canvas has a waterproof coat on it and that it would not sag as much as the Mono Speedy.
  6. I Love My Damier Ribera...I Personally Do Not Want The Speedy Right Now. But, I Definitely Would Like To See It IRL...I May Change My Mind!
  7. I love to see IRL before buying it. My DH think it will be sweet after he saw the catalogue. I can't wait till June for damier and also I can't wait for August for Black and brown mini speedy.
  8. I'm totally agreeing with you until I see it IRL. I love a little sag!
  9. I really want to see it in person to make sure I don't like it better than the mono. I think I like both but I am leaning towards mono lately. DH likes mono more than Damier. He agreed that it is a casual bag and the mono looks more casual. :amuse:
  10. So you special ordered the Damier Speedy 30 and didn't like it cuz of the major sagging? Are saying the major sagging doesn't look good since its Damier pattern?

    Looks nice in your auction :yes:
  11. Your post was like a dagger to my heart! :cry: I've already pre-ordered my Damier speedy and can't wait....I genuinly feel that it will be as sassy but casual as the mono.:idea:
  12. Did you stuff your damier when you take the pics? It seems nice and hold very well. Good luck with the sale, I hope you can sell it before June.
  13. Don't be silly!!! I think if you LOVE the bag it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks! You know how many bags that I own and LOVE other people dislike?!;):flowers:
  14. I am getting the same impression everytime I look at pics of the damier speedy then back at the mono speedy. The mono seems a lot more casual whereas the damier would look great if you were really dressed up. As for dressing down, the damier doesn't seem to go with as much stuff.

    I have been leaning towards mono too though.