I am thinking of selling my Sable paddy?!

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  1. Hi all! So I have the Sable paddy- I just don't use it very often, but I love the color and I love that not a lot of people have it...I've gotten buyer offers but turned it down since it was my first paddy and I think I have a kind of first bag attachment, now I'm thinking maybe I need another bag..opinions please...I'm just wondering am I going to regret this? I am thinking of finding a new bag that I will actually use more frequently to replace...or should I hang on to it, esp since I heard that the paddy is going to phase out and it will be worth keeping...any opinions? :unsure:
  2. I love the sable. If you get rid of it, it will be hard (understatement) to replace it. But I don't think you would have ANY problem selling!
  3. pictures please.

    ET-love the ink.
  4. Thanks Truffles! Yes, pics would be lovely. PLEASE don't make me put a sable paddy on my list...
  5. I know, the color is what is making it so hard to let go, but I seriously have not used it in months now. My sister just gave me her khaki that she didn't like and I've been using that one and I have a black one that I'm letting her use for the time being! I think that although the pinky beige color is beautiful, maybe I'm not used to owning such light colored bags? I don't know...I just don't wnat to sell it and then regret, that would be terrible too. I have one picture right now uploaded on my computer- I'll post more later, don't know if you can see the pretty color from the flash on this one! hoping someone can help me make a decision one way or another and then I can get over it! :smile:
  6. wow. but i agree with you. i'd be to scared to get it dirty.
  7. This season white is soo hot. Once you let this beautiful bag go, maybe you will have seller's remorse. Give it few more days ...I LOVE Sable paddy....unique color.
  8. It is a very pretty color.. I agree, that will not be a hard bag to get a buyer for! And I also agree that you may have a difficult time later on finding one (at least in a good condition) should you later realize you should have kept it. I did that in December. I decided I did not want my blanc Paddy and then regretted it two weeks later and spent the next 3 months trying to find it again. I finally did and thankfully it is in perfect shape. So just be sure you want to part with that beauty before you do. But on the bright side, if you are going to worry too much about using it for fear of getting it dirty, there are so many other options out there for you in both Paddy colors and in many other different bags! Let us know what you decide!
  9. Gorgeous color and hard to find. Just curious, what bags do you use mostly?
  10. That's a really nice color. I would hang on to it for a few more days to see how you really feel... you shouldn't have any problem selling it!
  11. wow, the color is GORGEOUS. But I think you should sell it, especially if it hasn't been used in months. I find that when I'm contemplating selling my bags and I go through with it, I'm happier with the money than the bag.

    Good luck! be sure to post in the marketplace if you do sell it
  12. Thank you everyone for responding, OK...I am thinking now I am going to hang onto it for a while, if I am still feeling this way then I will post on marketplace. Maybe my feelings will change as it gets warmer and I will want a pretty light bag! Sunspark- I carry my black balenciaga city the most probably, lately it's been the khaki paddy and I have a chocolate brown chloe East west hobo (not a paddy) that gets a lot of wear too. I guess, I tend to favor darker bags...although I have been looking for a good medium color bag- I was thinking tan paddy pocket but the new tan leather is not the same quality and I think I am now done with buying more paddys...have had my eye on the grey chanel reissue...but I have been trying to good about buying more bags.
  13. Airress, I think someone has a grey Chanel reissue on the Marketplace...if you're interested.
  14. cute bag.:biggrin:
  15. Is the sable the same as the cream on released this season? Or is the same as the craie? Sorry, I'm still a little confused on the multitude of names for each colour!