I am thinking of returning my Jumbo in favor of the East West flap! Is that silly?

  1. I know they both are complete opposites from each other in terms of size, but I can't stop thinking how adorable that E/W flap is!!! The problem is I carry a load of stuff and my wallet is long so I would have to take away some things if I got the E/W. No more sunglasses case and my eyeglasses would need to be in a soft pouch instead of the hard case I have now. Also I would need to get a square wallet. But I just think it's so cute and the price is pretty good. Plus I think Chanel small bags look so chic.

    Oh I don't know. Is that crazy of me? :confused1::p
  2. yes
  3. I would keep the jumbo since it fits all your stuff and get the east west for nights or when you aren't carrying a lot, on Sak's EGC event coming up so you will get the gift certificate to save for even more Chanel! lol I def think the jumbo is more practical for everyday for most people, but the east west is the perfect small bag when you only need a few things...
  4. Sound like you need both :yes:
  5. haha.... starbrite, you are trying to find a wonder-bag...get both, you have a Jumbo gold HW...get the EW Silver HW....PERFECT!!!
  6. I agree...I think if you just get the east west now you will be frsuterated that you cant put all your stuff in it eventually and still want a bigger Chanel for everyday:yes: I have the Jumbo and will probably get the gst if i need to carry a lot for work. The east west is adorable but I could only use it for a bag for going out when i just really needed the very basics. I couldnt even fit my Prada makeup case in there lol
  7. Yeah I really can't afford both now, unless I miraculously found the red in the e/w then money would suddenly appear hehe. But to get two so similar looking bags except just for the size is kinda silly. I don't need two black ones.
  8. keep the jumbo it is way easier to use and it will fit all your stuff. When i use my gold e/w i have to really cut down on all my crap!
  9. Get the Jumbo in Reiisue & E/W in regular CC (I'm not helping here)

    and no I don't think you're crazy.. I sold my Jumbo & bought Reiisue in medium (226) size even though I'm struggling to bring only necessary items since it won't fit much.
  10. I'm with you starbrite. I want both (have the e/w) but feel like it's wierd to have the same black flap in 2 different sizes. I keep trying to convince myself that my cerf, cabas, and timeless tote will suffice for my want of a jumbo. So far it's not working!
  11. The jumbo is probably more practical if you have to pick one but get the one that you love the most...
  12. Starbrite, the Jumbo looks so good on you, keep it you will not regret it in the long run. maybe you can get the EW in another color, cream/white/red....when you have the $, it's ok to wait a little while, for the mean time just enjoy your Jumbo...I have your pic (the one with 2 Jumbos) as my desktop pic ...heehee...to remind myself that i need a Jumbo...:p
  13. ^ Haha, perfect, then you always know what you're working towards :idea:
  14. Keep the jumbo, the e/w is very hard to fit stuff in, it will drive you crazy to try to arrange stuff to make it fit. If you were used to not carrrying much, then it would be ok. If you overstuff it, it will not looks nice.