I am thinking of getting a Yorkshire Terrier and have a few questions...

  1. My fiancé and I are considering getting a Yorkshire terrier so I have a few questions as I have never owned a dog. I would be very grateful for any input so thanks in advance :yes:

    We already have a cat which we love and spoil since two years. He is an absolute sweetheart-yet only to humans. A girl once moved in with a cat and our cat hated her cat and started acting very bossy for the whole time she lived with us (3 months!)

    So I was wondering: How should I approach this when I get a little Yorkshire puppy as I really want them to get along and am worried that my cat will bully the poor little puppy...


    How have your experiences been with Yorkshire terriers in general? Are they great dogs to have?

    Thanks and looking forward to your responses:flowers:
  2. I just brought Prince Roo (Min Pin) home to Princess Grace, my 2 y/o cat. They get along pretty well. It did take a day or so for her to warm up to him. Grace has made it verrrrrry clear to Roo that she is the dominant one though. They romp and play and I think they're actually starting to like each other. I'll even occasionally find the two of them curled up on top of each other asleep. If they're anything like my two fur babies, I think they'll do fine.

  3. That sounds promising! Thanks for your response Adriane! :yes: So do cats comprehend that the dog is a little baby and not just another intruder?
  4. I have two cats and have a jack russell, the cats were nearly 1 when we got Jackson, he does not leave them alone and is an absolute pain, the cats hae to have their beds on the units in the utility room so he can't pester them, from what I hear Yorkies are very similar, ie: a little snappy and will chase anything that moves!
  5. ^^oh, that doesn't sound good... I hope they will get along soon!!
  6. Do any of you ladies have any (similar) experience in this context? I'd really appreciate the input!:yes:
  7. I have a yorkie. He was my first dog and I never imagined he would be so much work. They are cute sweet dogs but they have a lot of attitude. Yorkies are notoriously hard to houstrain (mine took about 1.5 years !!!) and need tons of attention. Mine is very territorial and will bark at anyone and anything that comes near the house. He is very energentic and playful but can be sweet when he wants to be. He has lots of personality!! Good luck with your new puppy.
  8. ^^Thanks for your response, Deeni!

    Gee, now I am starting to become a bit worried about getting a Yorkie...:sad:
  9. I had a yorkie some years back and yes, small dogs are more difficult to train and housebreak than larger dogs.

    Be sure to pick the right puppy for you as some may get have a tendency to be quite hyperactive. Overall though, they're sweet dogs and worth the extra effort :yes:
  10. Yorkshires are very good dogs to have - small and pretty...:yes: But - they are TERRIER (comes from "TERROR" ;) ). It's important that you stick to some rules:
    You are the boss... so: Eat before you're dog is eating... You sit on the couch, not you're dog... a.s.o.
    Terriers are intelligent: Because the Yorkshire is so small an cute you sometimes forget that some of them wants to trick you...again and again...
    You're cat maybe is a problem for a puppy. Cats can be very cruel to dogs. Ask the breeder if his dogs maybe are used to go around with cats.
    My husband is a vet and we are working together in our clinic. All Yorkies I know a friendly and nice dogs. But they need to be educated (maybe in a dog-school if it's you're first dog).
  11. My wife's parents have a minature yorkie. It is a bit on the hyper side but they did not train it at all. Any dog is only as good as the time that you put into it (that goes for big dogs as well as the little ones). Spend the time to train them and be their friend and they will return the love 100 fold. There are some good books on training pups, it is probably worth reading a few. "family dog" by Wolters is a good all around book and anything by Bill Terrant has merrit (though he writes more on sporting dog breeds).
    As quick and spry as yorkies are I doubt that your cat will be able to bully it once it gets a little age on him/her.
    Good luck with the pup
  12. We have 2 cats and a yorkie! We brought Grayson home and put him in his crate and let the girls check him out. That way he wasn't trying to play and was nervous anyways.

    It took a good month for the cats to come around but they finally did one just tolerates him and the other plays with him.

    I am part of a great forum out there that someone told me about on here its yorkietalk go there and gets lots of advice and info!
  13. I have a 6 pound, 13 year old Yorkshire Terror err Terrier named Oliver. He is absolutely the love of my life. HOWEVER: (1) He is not completely housetrained. When I first got him I lived in a small apartment and he was 100% paper trained. Never missed, I mean NEVER.

    Once we moved to a house, however, and tried to potty train him to go outside, he has peed and pooped wherever he wants. I've called in two dogtrainers who both said "it's too late to teach this old dog new tricks..." He was confused at first -- not having paper to go on (my husband forbade continuing to have him go on paper, he thought it was gross) -- and now it's become a free for all.

    Luckily my husband loves him enough not to kill him or otherwise hurt him -- but we have to have our living room couch and all our carpets cleaned six times a year.

    OTHER THAN THAT, Oliver is the best dog I have ever had, or could ever have dreamed of. He happily goes out on the town in his Sherpa bag and is absolutely silent no matter where we are. He has gone to about 100 movie theaters, a Jimmy Buffett concert, a Lyle Lovett concert, the LA Opera, church each Sunday . . . as you can tell he is a pack and go dog.

    My Mother had Miniature Poodles exclusively for 45 years. After grandogsitting Oliver a number of times she got a Yorkie, Toby, and now neither of us can imagine EVER being without at least one Yorkie.

    Feel free to write me with any questions you may have. I'm the past-secretary of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Los Angeles, at one time I considered purchasing a show dog, and I've been to Yorkie dog shows all over the country.

  14. My mother in law has a male mini yorkie and he is a total pain. He's really cute but he is so hyper that it is hard to pet him, he moves around constantly. He is nearly 2 yrs old and not totally house broken. She does not work, though, so she takes him outside so frequently for potty breaks that he doesn't often have an accident indoors. He will chase and harrass anything that moves...cats, birds, great danes (seriously). Like I said, he's really cute but he is definately a handful!
  15. We had a very laid back, friendly yorkie for 17-1/2 years, he actually smiled at people when they came in the house, truth...we have pictures., he got along great with the little grandkids from the time they were babies and actually would sit with his back to them guarding their back when they were here, it was hard to train him but after about a year he was fine. The only time he went bonkers on us was when we decided to get a 2nd yorkie, I don't know if he wanted to play with the other yorkie or just drive him crazy, but the new pup took to staying under the couch where big guy could not bother him, after 3 weeks we had to give up and return the new puppy.
    Our dog was great company, went on trips with us always, behaved very, very well, a really laid back guy, except when he had to share us.....