I am thinking of gettin


Jan 8, 2008
the thompson top handle satchel and would like to know what you ladies think since i have seening it in IRL
Sep 10, 2006
the Sonoran Desert
It is an amazing bag. I wish I bought with the PCE last time, but there is always June!

ok, I'm on the average/heavy side, my arms are not sticks, and the bag fits very comfortable under my arm when I tried it on in the store. It also looks super cute in the crook of the arm too. Sorry, I don't have photos. I didn't buy it because of the price, but reconsidering when the next PCE comes along.

My DH said it had a 60s vibe to it, I agree. And another thing too, it's very unique, I have never seen one on the street, so that's nice too.

Good luck!