I am thinking about getting a pair of the jilly

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  1. flats and was wonder how does the color magenta looks IRL, is it a hot pink?
  2. yes, more of a hot pink sort of , lol.

    One thing about these that irritate me is they dig into my heal really bad, but they are still so darn cute :cutesy:
  3. It's more of a purple-pink color; berry color. Definitely not a hot pink or fuchsia-pink color. It's a great color! I actually own a pair of the jllly flats in the magenta color and will pair them with my black patent leather Ergo hobo and pink singature stripe floral tote. The flats dig into my heel as well so I'll have to break them in over time and use a heel protector either on the back of the flats or on my heel.

  4. Oh boy, do they ever dig into the heel!! You are so right!!
  5. really, does it get better over time when you break it in. And is it true to size?

  6. It's my understanding that after you break them in, they should be fine; no more digging into your heel. For me, the Coach (ballet) flats tend to run big. Therefore, I usually order them a 1/2 size smaller. I would recommend trying them on for size at a local Macy's or Coach store to ensure that you get the correct size for you. Additionally, please note that the Jilly travel flats were marked down to $59 at my local Coach store just a few months ago.
  7. Marshall's has the Jilly's in the Magenta too - I think they were $79. It's a really bright color - I liked it, but they didn't fit me right - I can't wear any of the Coach ballets unfortunately.
  8. it took me about three very painful 8 hour days to break mine in, but now i wear them every single day to work.