I am thinkin' about a Hermes (Birkin or Kelly), but...

  1. I am a bit "afraid" of them! Right now I am really lovin' LV, but at about $2K per bag, I am sometimes a bit nervous (mostly when traveling) even with them. I am thinking about investing in my first Hermes but I am afraid that at over (sometimes way over :smile:) $7K, I would feel like it needed too much "protection". For example, I just got back from a fabulous resort in Florida...what would I do w/ my Birkin if I had it with me, certainly wouldn't take it to the beach and would be nervous about leaving it in the hotel room.

    Do you generally use it "everyday" or do you save them for special occasions? Do you take Hermes on vacation or leave them at home?

  2. wherever i go my bag(s) follow. life is too short so make sure to use the fine china.

    and just for my own peace of mind there is always insurance :smile:
  3. I don't take H to the beach; I usually like canvas and patent bags since sand wipes right off :graucho: but I take it most anywhere else.

    I used to be a Chloe gal, in love with sumptuous leathers, but questionable construction at 2k for a bag drove me elsewhere. I find I protect my Hermes as much as I ever did my Chloe or Prada (still do) so that doesn't seem to have changed. When I want a total throw around, I simply grab another bag like my 24hueres Gerard Darel.

    You'll protect every great bag, but the difference may be that H is a real champ at refurbishing! Fast, rarely a charge, and comes back, reliably (unless you destroyed it!) looking fabulous!

    Good luck with the jump... I'm SURE you'll find it was worth it :tup:
  4. I was a LV girl once too and I used to freak out once the leather parts started to get that patina or started to show marks and I had the same fear, now I have multiple H and the croc I baby a bit but I have one bag I take everywhere, rain snow bar whatever. H are made very well and the right leather is almost undestructable.
  5. I used to be this way with scrapbooking~ I would purchase the prettiest bobbles and not use them.:wtf:...That is why I purchased them silly...I told myself. So, since then I use what I purchase and if I don't, it finds a new home. Welcome by the way~:flowers:
  6. If i'm traveling, my H bag goes where I go. I could never leave it in a hotel room. I live at the beach so my H stays savely at home.
  7. Ghostie makes a great point. It is the same as when I would buy clothes - when I was younger I'd get the most special shirts and things that I could find, and then they would sit in my closet!!!!! What, pray tell, is the point of that! So now I don't do that anymore :smile:
  8. I dont like to travel with my expensive bags. My last trip to Paris was spent worrying about my bags being left in the room. I do however miss them while Im traveling. Maybe you could purchase travel insurance and not have to worry about your Hermes being stolen.
  9. I haven't taken my birkins on trips with me for fear of damage, loss or theft. A combined fear of damaging the corners and the increased weight has also prevented me from going for the birkin 35cms. However, I do carry them with consistently when I am in my home town and don't baby them too much.

    Like you - I used to be a die hard LV lover - I had to have the latest limited editions. However, I grew out of the thing of having to have a completely new look and a new bag every 6 months and with the money I was spending on the LV limited editions well I could move to Hermes with relative ease! When choosing an H bag now I am in the mind set that this bag will be with me for sometime so I've got to really want it and love everything about it.
  10. I haven't traveled much with my Birkin yet, but I truly think it is because I own just one. I still baby it, but I do use it. I just don't like the thought of it on the plane, hotel, everywhere. I get a tad nervous. But ask me again when I have more than one, I am sure my answer will change.
  11. So true. There's not point building up merchandise you don't use.
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback. I agree with you'all on the "if you're gonna have it, use it" thing! :yes: I have always been a strong believer it that....nothing sits in my closet for "fear" of taking it out. That's why I thought of this....b/c, even for me (who generally doesn't worry about these things), leaving a $10,000 bag in a hotel room while I am skiing or at the beach makes me nervous! But, your thought were a great help. Also, great to hear how durable the Hermes are....maybe (while it is new at least) I 'd just leave it home on trips and bring my LV's for travel! Loved all of your replies :tup:...it has inspired me to start deciding which Hermes to put on my birthday list for DH
  13. Welcome to the orange side!!
  14. I am hoping to get my hands on a Massai specifically for travelling because it is more practical for me than a Birkin. When I travel, I walk everywhere and like to have my hands free (and my bag closed).

    As for home - I am a big believer in using. Having said that, different bags have different purposes. GP is my current daily "momming around" bag, but I am planning to switch gears and use a Picotin. I am a little more deliberate about using a Birkins or Kelly. In other words, I do not use them as my daily "tote". (Although this may be because I like super slouchy totes, and my Birkins and Kelly are made of more formal leathers.)
  15. I wouldn't be careless about my birkin or kelly, taking them to unsuitable locales. But I wouldn't worry about daily usage, after all Hermes does make quite sturdy handbags.

    The way I figured, after spending so much on a handbag, I ought to be able to enjoy them and my way to do it is by taking it out as much as possible! :tup: