I am the WORST with bans! D:

  1. UGH! The second I banned myself, I saw that foresta MM on eBay - and, after drooling for a bazillion years I bidded... but, of course, it got too high for me (especially since it's used) and I had to give up. So, to comfort myself I bought an arancia mamma mia instead. AJFKDGJKSDGJ!!! I'm supposed to be on a BAN! I hate eBay! I wish I could be blocked from it!! :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: I'm really excited for my new MM, though~ :graucho:

    OKAY NOW I am on a ban. SERIOUZLYYY. :cry::cry:
  2. I know the feeling.. :angel:
  3. It makes me so mad at myself :cry:
    Yet, I feel the new-bag-excitement at the same time :yahoo:

  4. I think we can all relate. I am trying to be on a ban (other than what I have pre-ordered *lol*), but I have to check eBay every day just in case that ONE bag or print shows up that I just have to have. I feel like a junkie sometimes.
  5. lol! yea i've been trying to "be good" after my paradiso zucca.. trying to sell off what i don't think i'll get around to using. but i keep getting tempted to call Southampton about Adios Star or something else in Pirata (BV? Campeggio? Bella? AHHH!) The worst part of it is, I waited so long after they started selling them that most of the placements I want are gone and I have to call back and bug them to look for other styles.

    and then there's eBay and LJ, which is a whole 'nother mess.. :p
  6. Me too :sad: It's all because of that foresta MM! Bah! Oooh, I must tell you, though~ :p I bought the cutest dress that'll look perfect with my zucca. Like a toki outfit~ haha, I'm a dork~
  7. Oooohhh I agree - seeing constant shoptokidoki updates on my LJ friends' list is horrible :cry: It's like a big tease! Looking at SH's updated stock in that one thread isn't helping, either. I just hope they'll have at least one paradiso ciao left for me when the prices get reduced to 50%... but, with my luck, they won't :p Which is probably better for my wallet.
  8. Ahh, well that's cool.:tup: You should model the dress with the bag and post it on the Reference thread.;)
  9. Good idea! Maybe I'll get around to that sometime~ It'll distract me from checking eBay :p
  10. You should post pictures of you in the dress with the zucca :p
  11. haha I'll get around to it sometime~ It's like a cute little summer outfit. I can't wait for my chance to wear it!
  12. oh no Dancing Nancies.... welcome to the addiction.... :p
  13. :noggin: <- that's my wallet killing me~ WAAH!
  14. haha i kno what you mean... i spent so much at SDCC... I got a couple things I wasn't planning on getting either just because they were cheap :sweatdrop: I got the momo hoodie since I needed a sweater saturday night... $50 was too much for my cash so I was going to use my card... while I was at it I was wondering about the playground bracelet and those ended up being $30 so I just HAD to get one... then I saw they put out new single buttons so I had to shift thru those also :sweatdrop: I ended up spending another $85 on top of the $400+ I had for the weekend

    and I still need to get a tutti!
  15. Haha, that'd be me if I were at SDCC... I'd just keep buying things that I liked :p At least I'm not a huge fan of tutti... or any of the upcoming prints, really~ So I don't have to worry about splurging on them. Maybe something small in trasporto someday, but for now I just concentrate on the older ones :yes: WHICH I shouldn't be :nogood: :p