I am the worst cat mammy... :(


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Apr 16, 2006
Hi guys, I am sucha bad cat mammy and I am overwhelmed with guilt today, please hear me out!

So heres the story, last night I was busy making cakes in the kitchen for my colleagues and somehow I managed to forget to care for my baby girl. :sad: As it happens to be "bin day" in my neighbourhood on Friday, I had to take out the rubbish and cleaned Chloe's litter box last night. Well, I cleaned and emptied her litter box and everything but somehow I forgot to put clean litter in and went to bed.

So this morning, Chloe woke me up at 7 and I was thinking " aww, she must be hungry" but when I came downstairs I noticed her litterbox was empty, so I filled it immediately with clean litter and she came running down to do her business.

OMG! I feel so guilty! Poor little Chloe had to hold it in for so long and she was such a good girl that she didn't even do her business anywhere. I feel so guilty, no number of praises I get from my colleagues about my cakes can take the guilt away. I must be the worst cat mammy in the world :cry: Thank you for hearing me out! :heart:


Jan 22, 2009
New York
ohhhhh....dont feel bad...when i opened this thread i thought maybe something really horrible happened....we are all human....i am sure that you are a wonderful kitty mom!!!!
dont feel bad...the great thing about our fur babies is that they dont hold a grudge and give us unconditional love....she is a great kitty for holding it in!!!!.....dont feel bad really....big hugs to you!!!


May 26, 2008
We all get busy and sometimes things happen. Just the fact that you feel so badly about it makes you a great mom. Chloe is such a good girl--give her lots of praise for not making a mess.


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Aug 2, 2007
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Ahhh, don't feel bad, I remember being in my apt and hearing my neighbor knock on my door, I'd left my dog down in the basement (it was where the washer and dryer was) when my neighbor when down there, he heard him crying. He was a puppy too. I was like, OH, MY GOODNESS, thank God for good people. They could have stolen him.

Another time, I remember hearing him whining, and for the life I me, I couldn't locate him. I started getting worried. Well guess what, while I was cleaning, he was in my closet, laying down on my shoes, I'd closed him up in the closet.

I have a lot of other stories. We all make mistakes.


Nov 12, 2007
Don't feel bad, we all make mistakes. I forgot to feed my pup his dinner one night and cried about it I was so upset. Forgive yourself and just give her extra hugs. :love:


Apr 13, 2008
east coast
aww don't feel guilty. You have a great cat for waiting all night -- I think of lot of cats wouldn't have done that. I'm sure she'll forgive you :smile:


totally addicted..
Apr 16, 2006
Thanks everyone for your kind words, your words are like many hugs to me, telling me that everything is OK, thank you. :hugs:

After work, I went and bought Chloe's favorite snack and headed straight home to see her. The feeling of guilt is so overwhelming, leaving me quite sad and worried. Seeing her greeting me at the door in her normal, happy self was a big relief. I am more concerned about her bladder as I was worried that holding it in for so long could be bad for her. But as many of you said, Chloe is a very very good girl, hopefully she will be ok.

Thanks again for all your words, much appreciated! :heart:


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Sep 15, 2006
Don't feel bad! I inadvertently locked my blind dog in the pantry all day. She has a penchant for wandering in as the trash can is there (and what dog doesn't love the trash can?). She normally wanders around the kitchen and while I was gathering my bags to leave for work, she went into the pantry. I didn't notice and shut the door. 9 hours later I get home and couldn't find her. Well I started to hear thumping noises coming from the pantry... it was my pup trying to escape. I felt HORRIBLE. Ever since then I do a doggie head count before I leave.

She was ok, btw. I think she forgot about it pretty quickly when presented with lots of treats. Bad mommy.
Jun 30, 2006
I agree - we're all humans and these things slip our minds sometimes! But the fact that you feel so bad makes you a food kitty mommy because you care so much!