i am the proud owner of my first hermes bag

  1. i think small but very nice
  2. OMG hlfinn.. Thats great news!! Congratulations!!
  3. lovely bag ,i am a fan of vintage ,enjoy
  4. Congratulations! That is beautiful!
  5. yeah it's probably about the size of a small chanel flap.... maybe smaller than the constance i wanted but not much...
  6. Hifinn - congratulations! I think that is an absolutely gorgeous bag! I love the colour and the gold with it. Great investment! Lovely!

  7. Congrats H!

    Enjoy her! Isn't it amazing how H bags hold up over time! I think you will like it very much and most SAs love to see vintage pieces....I know mine do...
  8. now i'm all worried it's too small for big butt me....
  9. ^^ hlfinn.. it doesn't look small to me.. you are right it looks like the classic chanel flap.. i think the size is just perfect!! :yes:
  10. That's fantastic. CONGRATS !!!!! Vintage Hermes Bags are wonderful, you even more appreciate the craftsmanship. Hope to see some modeling pictures:smile:
  11. I think the size is perfect!!!!

    Yay H!!! I'm so excited for you!

    Well-cared-for vintage bags are just the best. The leather looks fantastic.

  12. CONGRATS!! I think it's lovely!
  13. thanks everyone! i am so worried right now but i think it will be ok...
  14. I am so happy for you!!! It is a gorgeous bag!! Happy Dance for Hlfinn!:wlae::wlae::yahoo: