I am the only one who doesnt like GHD??

  1. I bought one during Sephoras F&F and I was all excited because of the great reviews and pics on here! I first tried curling my hair and it looked great. But when I tried to straighten it, it did not straighten! I had to go over pieces of my hair more then three times and it still wouldnt work. So I just plugged in my old straightener to finish the job and it worked 3x better. Also, I know all ceramic irons do this to hair, but the GHD smelt disgusting. My other makes my hair smell bad too but not that bad. Im so disappointed because I wanted to like it sooo badly! Now Im going to return it because I cant justify spending $190 on something that doesnt do what its supposed to.

    Sorry its long but is anyone else not a fan? Or could someone tell me if Im using it wrong? :s
  2. I dunno, you might be using it wrong. Mine doesn't smell at all and straightens quickly *shrug*
  3. I really like mine...I read Amandas thread about it and all the positive posts in reply, so as usual I was influenced to buy it. Well, I just love it!
    Sorry it did not work for you!! Mine does not smell either!
  4. :confused1: I've never ever noticed a smell with my ghd. I've straighten my sister's hair as well as a couple of friends and still no smell.
  5. honestly i noticed a metalic smell the first time i used it and a few times after but it was very light.....i think b/c it's new you gotta get that smell out by using it (breaking it in lol) .. now i dont notice a smell....and as far as curling your hair and then trying to straighten it after....it has never been successful for me for ANY iron...once i curl it, i can't get it stick straight just because you've done so much to it that it's hard for it to straighten w/out washing it out again or letting it rest for a while
  6. do you have really curly hair? did you 'blow out' your hair first? did you use any kind of smoothing product? IMO these steps are very important to get the straightest hair.:yes:

    i sometimes get the burnt hair smell too, i think it's from going over a section more than once or twice. it's a habit of mine that comes from using a crappy straightener in the past! im trying to break it!:tup:
  7. Nope no smell for me either! I only have to go over my hair once as well...

  8. Very true. I make sure I wash and condition my hair and then put a smoothing product (in my case, it is Kerastase Oleo Relax) before using the GHD. I always get a very smooth hair after this. Sure, there is a burnt hair smell, all flat irons I tried are the same, it's from the heat. Me thinks the smell is still acceptable.

    I got a haircut today and brought my GHD to the salon. Even my hairdresser was impressed coz the iron was very quick. So, I'm wondering what happened with you that you end up disliking the GHD?
  9. ^^^Sarah, I bought the ghd and wasn't too impress with it. My hair is long and straight but I have lots of baby hair. I used the ghd hoping that it would smooth out the baby hair but really didn't do much for it. I did a better job blow drying my hair. I also use the kerastase products, for over a year now. I returned the ghd, was not worth the money imo. But I heard it works for other people, so that's great.
  10. I haven't noticed a smell either with my GHD, and the max I go over each piece is 2 times, possibly 3 at most. Also, I straightened my friend's hair, which is really curly, and she didn't blow dry it straight beforehand, and it still straightened perfectly.
  11. $190 for a $240 straightener??
    WOW!! what a deal. where did you get yours from?

    sorry it didnt work out for you, I guess everyone's hair is different.
  12. i don't understand what you mean by baby hair? are they in your part? like broken hair?
    i have baby hairs but it's from pregnancy and hair falling out after having a baby...
    this may be a dumb question but, if you have straight hair why do you need a straightener?:p

  13. baby hair, is hair that is really short and usually located in the back of your head by the neck or even your sides.
  14. you should use a balm or something to calm the little baby hairs down. A straightener or any other heat tool will zap the moisture a little and only make them more obvious.
  15. ^^^my hair has been falling out a lot, so the baby hair is hair that's been growing back (I call it baby hair:shame:smile:. The baby hair gets wavy on the ends, have lots of them and sometimes it takes time to smooth them out, not impossible, but just take longer. So I was looking for a quick fix with the ghd. After working with the ghd a few days, I was disappointed. It just did not do a good job smoothing out the ends. So in my case, it just was not worth the $200 I paid for it.