I am the only one having dreams about handbags since joining the PF ?

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  1. There are much more importants things in life than handbags, right? But the more I spend time on the PF, the more my dreams are based on handbags !!

    Few examples : Right after joining,I dreamt about being left alone in a giant LV boutique with the entire LV range all around -bags were flying around me- and I had to pick just one !It was a mandarin speedy.

    -The other day I dreamt that my aunt finally brought the Damier papillon that I ordered trhough her, and as I was walking around with it in College (I´m not even a student anymore!) the bag transformed into another damier bag that I didn´t wish for I think it was the Belem.she also forgot the box and the dust bag, and the bag became poor quality....I was so sad

    -Last night I dreamt I was buying a Chanel black and white cambon reporter bag, and I was saying to the SA "I saved so much for that bag !" and my BF was "you really don´t need to say that..."
    But as I was walking around with it a lookalike Nicky Hilton was "Can I touch your bag ?" I finally ended up damaging the calf skin....:yucky:

    Do you also have "shallow" handbag dreams, due to PF ????? Or am I crazy ???:wacko:

    Mellecyn who needs...:sos:
  2. thats hilarious. The other day I had a dream that I had finally gotten the Louis Vuitton Alma and then I went back to the LV store for the new mongram canvas shoes and they were sold out so I went to like tons of diff. LV stores and none of them had them. I got so upset and thenn I woke up lol.
  3. I've had a couple of dreams....mostly shopping with BF. LOL.
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