I am the luckily gal on earth!

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  1. Thanks again, Sum & Leilan01! :shame:

    Thank you too, kiera00. I checked with our dearest SA Bryan before and knew that the python duette is sold out in US. Not sure if there're more shipped from Italy but this is the only one available at my store. If you're interested to get it, you may try the Milan store if they still have it somewhere in Europe.

    If you're also referring to the ottone cabat, there're a few available at Hawaii store before, you may check with Bryan if they're still available.


    Good luck!
  2. Stunning! Glad that you got the cement color since it has been sold out everywhere else. Enjoy!
  3. I'm SOOOOOO late to the game, but congrats on your GORGEOUS GORGEOUS bag! The mirror is such a precious little thing!!
  4. Thanks, uclaboi & Nymph! That's why I said I'm the luckiest gal! :yahoo:
  5. How lucky, is beautiful!