I am the luckily gal on earth!

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  1. Hi spendalot, I guess the frame bag won't be available until Sep/Oct. So my credit card can get some 'rest' before settling the 50% payment then. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks, leilani01, sure I will post some action pics tomorrow! :tender:
  2. Where did you finally find it?
  3. [​IMG]

    :drool::drool::drool: ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! :yes: Congrats!!!
  4. Hi jeaniep, I got it at BV Harbour City store. I went there on Aug 1 checking out the sunnies, and just casually mentioned to my SA about this python bag, and then she told me that they just got 1 from Milan 2 days ago!

    When I called her again this Thur, I thought this wonderful piece must have been sold in almost a week's time. But it's waiting for me to take her home there! LOL :yahoo:

    Cheers, debsmith!! :drinks:
  5. I totally love it! Congratulations!
  6. Thanks so much, silvercloud!

    And here're some action pics :shame:

    Attached Files:

  7. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! Now please tell me which bag you love more? Ottone cabat or this one?:jammin:
  8. Haha, tough decision! The python leather is so delicate which makes me baby her even more than the cabat. Both bags are very roomy, and today I could even carry my baby's mini fan & driving toy in the duette! (I know I shoudn't...) :sweatdrop:

    How about you? Which bag do you use most? The ottone sloane? :graucho:
  9. I actually use the moro new pyramid most. Now only if i have more money to buy another new pyramid....dreaming again:sleepy:
  10. It looks great on you! Congratulations on this lovely exotic BV!
  11. Don't worry, Lululala. Your ban will be over in 4.5 months time and you can get a new pyramid then. Let's start counting down!

    Thanks for the kind words, boxermom!
  12. you ARE one lucky gal! are these bags still available?
  13. shopaholic&baby, late to the party, but just have to say that you look stunning! That's one gorgy bag.
  14. sorry, double post
  15. Great actions shots! Your pictures really show off the beauty of the python leather....:tup: