I am the luckily gal on earth!

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  1. Congratulations, "shop"!!! It is gorgeous and so amazing, and I know that you will enjoy wearing it!!! I am living vicariously... can't wait to see action shots! Thanks for the reveal!
  2. Sooooooo beautiful! Congratulations!
  3. Oh, wow, a stunning exotic BV piece! The Duette is gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. *Gasp!*
    It's stunning! Congratulations! You ARE the luckiest girl!
  5. Good morning, everybody! Thank you all for letting me share my joy here. I had a sleepless night on Wed as I couldn't get in touch with my SA due to the typhoon in HK, and I had a very good sleep last night! So even though it's only 5+ hours but I am so refreshed!! :yahoo: LOL But the weather is still unstable here so I will keep her home today.

    Lulagirl, according to the info found on website, the dimensions are 11.7 x 7.4 x 11.7. It's pretty big for my 5.3" petite frame but I always love big bags so it's ok for me.

    I know, BookerMoose. I told my SA that there're other BV lovers hunting for this bag, and when she walked me out of the store, she said "congratulations!" to me. It sounds a bit odd but I guess I must have shown the "I MUST GET IT!" look :drool: I hope Baggiana & jburgh will find theirs really soon.

    Will post action shots sometime this weekend! Good day, everyone! Cheers! :wlae:
  6. That bag is spectacular and my favourite piece from last season. Lucky you - wear her in the best of health!
  7. aaaackkkk! you did it! you did it! this is so lovely! please please post action shots soon!
  8. OMG!!!! This is soooo pretty:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Lucky girl, you certainly own lots of good stuff from BV now:party:
  9. totally drooling now...
  10. wow, what a precious amazing piece:tup:, congratulations!
  11. Wow.... it looks simply luxuriously awesome (go figure my english here!).
    Yeah, really simply luxuriously awesome! Congratz in scoring such a piece of luxury.

    We need action pics and we need it quick.

    BTW, those scales, they look delicate in the pictures. Are they?
  12. Yep, veeeerrry envious...:greengrin: shopaholic&baby, you know where to send your new bag when she bores you. Congratulations...a beautiful bag and an amazing score. :drool::drool::drool:
  13. It's awesome! :tup: You have an amazing collection now! When are you collecting your frame bag?
  14. Congratulations! An absolutely stunning bag! The mirror in matching Duette is an extra special touch.....:tup:

    Please some modeling pix very soon.
  15. Thanks, mistikat, doloresmia, Lululala, armcandyaddict, oj_lo, mlbags & jburgh!! I still can't believe I am really owning it. And it certainly worth for the extension of my purse ban.... :shame:

    mlbags, yeah, the scales look so delicate. I expressed my concerns to the SA that it will need very special care for python leather, but my SA told me the caring instructions are basically the same. Just use dry cloth to wipe it gently will do, and make sure I wrap it up with the butter paper and dustbag during rainy days then it should be fine. She also pointed out that all the matching mirrors use the tummy part (with bigger scales)! :smile: