I am the Luckiest Girl!!!

  1. I bought a Vintage Chelsea Satchel during PCE and decided that I wasn't crazy about the pebbled leather and that I found the straps difficult to hold.
    I ended up exchanging it for a Legacy Satchel and the gave me the PCE discount.
    I love my new bag!!! I haven't taken off the tags yet but here is my first ever posted modeling pic. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Congrats! That satchel is really gorgeous!
  3. Gorgeous bag...she looks gorgeous on you!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  4. Looks great on you!
  5. Soooo beautiful on you! Enjoy her. :smile:
  6. Congratulations! It looks great.
  7. Love it! Congrats!
  8. Wow! Congrats! The bag looks so good on you!
  9. Wow congratulations! That bag looks like it was made for you!
  10. Wow, great bag and it looks terrific on you!
  11. Wow! You ARE a lucky girl! I think you made the right decision because that bag looks gorgeous on you!
  12. Beautiful! She is a keeper!
  13. Yes you are the luckiest girl!! The satchel baby is gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  14. Gorgeous, you are lucky! Congrats!