I am the luckiest Girl!!!-and a tad fickle!

  1. I know I just posted pics of me and my new Legacy Satchel and Whiskey but I got a call from my coach store and they found me the Lily Satchel in BLACK! I couldn't afford both and they were willing to give me the PCE discount on the Lily so I returned my Legacy Stachel and will have my Lily on Monday. I promise to post pics!!!!
    For all of you who loved my Legacy Satchel have no fear it will be back to me soon as its next on my wishist (I hope by x-mas)!
  2. wait so they let you use the discount after it had ended thats awesome
  3. Congrats! Post pics when you get it! :tup::tup:
  4. Yay!! Im really happy for you!!