I am thankful for...

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  1. My wonderful parents and 2 little brothers, my loving boyfriend, my warm friends, being done with law school apps as of yesterday (!!!), my bags and clothes, and of course, you guys :love: . Happy thanksgiving! Anyone else thankful?
  2. I'm thankful for getting settled in Toronto.

    I'm thankful for the fact that I get to go home and spend Christmas with my parents.

    I'm thankful for having a job that makes money (granted, it's in retail and I HATE retail)

    I'm thankful that my retail job involves selling jewelry and not dealing with fitting rooms.

    I'm thankful that I moved to where I'm surrounded by relatives.

    I'm thankful for my family.

    I'm thankful for The Purse Forum and for Myspace. There's a danger for young women about being alone and depressed when they move to a new area. I don't have that. I haven't made new friends yet, but I'm not lonely.
  3. I am thankful for.....

    my family
    my friends
    my home
    my health

    and of course, TPF!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. My health, my family & friends and loved ones health too ! :heart:
    My Happiness
    My career
    Our beautiful home.
  5. i am thankful for...

    my loving and supportive family
    my boyfriend, who loves me unconditionally
    my friends
    my health
  6. i am thankful for.....

    my DH

    my 2 boys

    my parents

    my siblings

    the sun


    and dear life........
  7. I am thankful for Vlad (:love:), my family, my health.. and having all of my family and Vlad with me for Thanksgiving. We all moved separate ways and it is great to come home and all be together again :heart:
  8. Thankful for my parents, grandparents, brother, bf, and all the little blessings God has given that I should remember not to take for granted!
  9. i am thankful for my amazing family and friends. i am very thankful i got to spend today with some of them.

    i am thankful to have a roof over my head, heat, adequate clothing, reliable transportation, and food to eat. the extra money for fun things is a serious bonus. (i need to remember this one more)

    i am thankful for my freedom and everyone who couldn't be with their families today because they protected it for me or in some way kept me safe. (military, police, fire fighters, paramedics, etc.)

    and i'm thankful for stuffing. best thanksgiving food EVER. :smile:
  10. I am glad someone did this...I was thinking of it.........

    I am thankful for...

    my health, family and friends, living in America, so, so many things and freedoms we take for granted, everyday.

    I pray for those less fortunate than myself, the safe return for our soldiers and all those in need of anything, especially hope, tonight.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  11. I am thankful for a relatively uneventful Thanksgiving dinner. That was a first.

    I am thankful for having all the people in my life that loves me and that I love.

    I am thankful that everyone I know is safe and warm right now.
  12. I am thankful for the marvel of living the storybook romance that is my life with Mr Puff, for our delightful, wonderfully wacky, perpetually noisy, exceptionally eccentric, fabulously functional and most important of all - loving - family!

    I may not have any money, but there is no one here or anywhere on earth who is richer than I am! :smile:
  13. I am thankful for so many things but most of all the ability to give part of what I am blessed with to others! Please don't forget to donate to charity's, coat drives, and especially the toy drive!