I am thankful for H and...

  1. I am now off to Madrid for the holiday with a brief stop in London... I am thankful for so much this year...including my lovely black birkin who will be taking her first international trip...and...wanted to take a moment before departure (our driver is stuck in traffic on the 405, so SoCal...) to thank you all for the spirited conversation related to Hermes...this is a fantastic community and I am thankful to be a part of it!
  2. Have a fabulous trip!!!! We'll miss you...try to check in and report!!! Bon voyage! :yahoo:
  3. Have a great vacation, SoCal!
  4. Ah, the 405...I spent many an hour back in the day when I lived in LA! Have a wonderful trip to Madrid! I too am thankful for this lovely community and for the shared interest we have in bags; who else besides you guys could I obsess ad nauseum with about leathers, colors, accessories, etc.?
  5. Have a great time and be back in time for Vegas!!

    I too am extremely thankful to have cyber met all of you. I can't go a day without cheking in with my H-family. So, thank you all for enriching my life.
  6. Have fun! I'm thankful also albeit slightly poorer I feel, but have many nice new additions to my collection!
  7. Ahhhh, the 405. Just had a "lovely" time on it yesterday! hehe

    Have a fabulous trip and hope you find something special!
  8. I saw some recent pictures of a streaker running down the good ole 405! Never a dull moment, huh?

    SoCal - We're thankful for you - have a wonderful holiday!!!!
  9. Have a wonderful, safe and fun trip, SoCal! We'll be waiting for road reports!!!!!!!

    And I can't go a day without checking in on my new friends either! Here's to you, guys for making my life richer in so many, many ways! :drinkup:
  10. ^^^ With Thanksgiving drawing near (even though it is still 80 degrees here).....I am Thankful for....
    1. this Purse Forum and the nice, and informative people here,

    2. for my first Excellent Hermes experience and the purchase of my first Hermes bag

    3. for the subsequent bags that have followed in its footsteps, and the scarves, and the H bracelets,

    4. For my Wonderful Family,

    5. For a Blesses Life and health and happiness!

    Happy early PRE-Thanksgiving!:smile: :heart:

    HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP SoCal!!! Wishing you more Hermes goodies in Bright Orange Boxes!
  11. Ditto NHL.
    Tpf is marvelous.
    A wonderful happy thanksgiving to you all.
  12. Have a wonderful trip SoCal!!! We will miss you!

    And I love your post NHL! I too am so thankful for so much right now, including all of you and tPF! And I am thankful for any orange boxes that may come in my future!!!
  13. ^^^Sus, and Jag : Thanks for such KIND words! This is a great place to be! :heart:

    and wishing safety to all those still in war-related activities protecting me from harm!
  14. I am thankful for the food on my table, the roof over my head, having a job I look forward to everyday, the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, the freedom granted me in this country, the company of you my cyberfriends, and.................well, having the warmest, friendliest SA at Hermes.:flowers: :biggrin:

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Socal.:flowers:
  15. I'm going to miss you So-Cal :crybaby:

    I'm so grateful to have women (and men) that can share my appreciation in Hermes.
    I'm glad I got to meet a few of you in person (Jag, my semetic sistah) and that I've been able to share my grilled Beaver with all ya.