I am tempted....

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  1. I have always loved the Multicolore speedy 30 (colour: blanc) but what has put me off is it screams out maintenance.
    I was just wondering if any of you have had trouble keeping it clean.
  2. I don't have one. But it's a beautiful bag. I want them also
  3. Don't hold back just because it might get dirty. Life is too short. ;)
  4. Maybe you could go for the black one instead? But I think it's easy to maintain just avoid rubbing it on dark denim, etc and the colour transfer could be cleaned by baby wipes, etc
  5. ditto!;););)
  6. I have the Black one and its just so gorgeous! I am going to buy the white one in the summer, just enjoy it! I havent used mine yet because im saving it for my graduation in December, just protect the leather and always carry baby wipes!
  7. The white is gorgeous. If you love it and want it, go for it!
  8. Do it....! ;)
  9. Get it!!!
  10. I have both, but I use the Black one the most. Maybe you should buy the Black one since you're worry about maintenance.