I am SURE this has been asked before!

  1. What are the telltale signs of a fake muse. I REALLY know my Balenciaga facts, but I am new to the YSL scene. Can someone help me please?
  2. I think it is hard to tell a fake Muse from a picture. The best thing it to analyze your seller... if it is an online store selling new... unless it is N-M, Saks, etc., it is likely a fake.

    Just think about it... if someone has a bunch of Muse bags... where did they get them? China!

    Also, if they are talking about the brand of zipper and showing you all the things that makes their bag real... that is even more suspicious to me because of course a real one has those things and it is a bit of an over kill in my opinion.

    If someone is not a big seller and has a slightly used Muse that they are selling for a hefty price then it may be real. If they bought it themselves (be wary of the "gift" excuse... "oh, it was a gift... I assume it is real.")

    For me, unless something is totally obvious... it is more about the seller than anything...

    No one would sell a new $1200 bag for $300.... They could just return it to the store if it was real. My guess is that 99.999999% of the Muse bags on eBay are fake.