I am suprised that NM still has . . .

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  1. I am suprised that the cream paddington has been online for a week now to pre order and it still is not sold out. The other color, a brown one, was gone the first day. I know there are a ton of people on the waiting list for one at NM, atleast at mine in San Francisco. Maybe some people dont know about it. What are your thoughts on why it is still available.
  2. Maybe the cream/ivory paddy is too hard to take care of? I would be so anal if I get that color for a paddy.
  3. That is the color I am getting. I am not worried because I treat all my bags like babies. I hope mine will be okay. I know a few girls here have a cream one. I am always anal with my bags and everything else I have, but I am such a perfectionist.
  4. In Jersey even the Ivory is presale only. You cannot place an order for it and have it shipped to you from another store either. Right now there are 20 wait list pages so in Jersey we would sit and wait. They do have a few other styles in the store but they aren't as nice.
  5. i'm just as surprised that NAP still has the anthracite bag IN STOCK. it's not even pre-order, and it's not sold out yet. totally weird. so maybe it's true the demand has gone down?
  6. I just checked NAP -it's gone?:sad:

  7. I cant believe the demand is gone. I know my NM still has a big list. What about your NM or other stores that carry them, what are their list like?
  8. I spoke today to my SA. They don't even know when they will receive any?!
  9. i just checked, it's still there!!! added it to my cart and everything, i just removed it.
  10. Removed it, I thought it was my Christmas present from you!:smile:
  11. never asked NM before. i got my first one off of ebay, my second is from NAP, and my third one is coming in from SS. never bothered with the wait list, i'm too impatient. lol.
  12. hahahaha! if i were oprah it would be! lol.
  13. You must have a gift! I just went to the NM site and under the price it says pre-order. You are special! Do you know Chloe personally? Share your secret come on now share!
  14. yup, i know NM still has the silver pre-order available, but i think they sold out on the anthracite.
  15. Fayden, I haven't checked again yet ( I will just for the fascination factor) but I am still crossing my fingers that my husband got me the chocolate lizard from NM. It's killing me not knowing because I could be wrong and not get either! :wacko: