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  1. So I went to go use my PCE coupon. First time in my name (but not really because its the wrong last name and wrong first name) but besides that and the one in my mall isn't open yet. Ok not so bad.... :tdown:So I decide that I am going to the one I always go to and they are remodeling...:crybaby: So I am out of luck and can't use my coupon unless for some reason they can let me use it at Mohegan Sun Store since I was going to drive all the way down there. But it says right on the back not allowed to use it there. So what should I do now? Give me your thoughts. Thanks in advance!!:tup::sos:
  2. Drive to Providence? It's only an hour farther than Mohegan..
    or at least try to call Mohegan sun and ask them if they'll take it?

    or call a local Nordstrom (if you have one) and see if they'll honor it.
  3. Is Mohegan an outlet?
  4. You can use it at any full price coach store - not just the one that sent it to you.
  5. Mohegan Sun is an exclusion because I think it's in a casino or something. Right?
  6. Well there are other coach stores in casinos (las vegas) so I don't know why Mohegan is excluded..
    My coupon says the same thing.. No mohegan..
  7. it's a casino in connecticut.. (mohegan sun)
Thread Status:
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