I am such a purse snob!

  1. There used to be a time, not so terribly long ago, when I could happily go into Kohl's or JCPenney and find a bag or two that made me happy. Those days are GONE!

    It started with Dooney and Bourke. Then Michael Kors. Then I took the plunge into Louis Vuitton. Then Balenciaga, then Vuitton again, then Balenciaga again, and just now I ordered a LV Damier Speedy 25. And I have every intention of buying either a truffle or greige first when they come out.

    I am not rich. Some of this has gone onto a credit card and I will have to work hard to pay it off soon. I may have to sell my LV monogram speedy 25 or my batignolles horizontal. It's painful to even say that!

    But I can't go back....not even back to Dooney and Bourke. I am now a handbag snob....I've tasted the good life and I will not go back!!!

    This was just a rant....that is all.....:lol:

    PS....anyone relate to anything I said or I am losing my mind?
  2. I completely have the same feelings! I can't get into anything else but Balenciaga!!!!! I just come straight to this forum- nothing else will do!LOL
  3. Me too, although I won't admit it outside this forum:biggrin: And the worst thing is that I have so many unused expensive bags lying there in my closet because I don't want to be seen as a pursesnob (how shallow:lol: )...it's like only the Balenciaga ones I dare to use 'cause they don't look like very expensive bags for people who don't know anything about purses!
  4. i never cared about bags until pretty recently. I was perfectly happy w/ my longchamp bags, and then like a sickness, it came over me, and i just started buying. i can't stop, i'm totally disinterested in stuff that is more appropriate for someone like me, such as a nice coach bag, or maybe a good solid kate spade. it just doens't cut it.
  5. Phew! I so glad Im not the only one. I still have to say though, as soon as I go into any store, Pennys etc. I still have to look in the purse dept. But nothing curves my bag appetite accept for Balenciagas! I just cant seem to get enough!
  6. Oh I still look at handbags everywhere I go. But I don't buy any, because they are all crap compared to bbags and LV.

    As God is my witness, I will never carry crap again!!
  7. AMEN SISTER!! :idea:
  8. It is a lot like flying first class, once I did it there was no way in h*** I would ever go to coach class again...
  9. Well it's going to rain again up here for another week so sadly I had to put my bbag away for the D&B cabriolet. I was very depressed.
  10. I hear ya. I put away my City in favor of my Fendi tote.
  11. I just whip out my umbrella and keep on truckin'
  12. i'm exactly the same way and i am so ashamed about it. Even when i carry coach i get emarassed because i feel coach isn't even good enough. before i know it, i'll have an hermes.

    but, i don't like being this way. doesn't make me feel like a good person, so i am trying to break the habbit. I will not be a purse snob.

    come on everyone, say it with me. "i will not be a purse snob"

    hahah yeah, right. hahhaah
  13. Long live shallow purse obsessing!
  14. Meh I like being a purse snob. One must have standards after all.
  15. Lori, you have perfectly embodied what has come over me!!! I completely agree with you!

    My BF is even trained to spot my ultimate handbag pet peeve: those sac-like crochet sequined covered hobo's that are on every street corner in NYC & come in all colours....then they start to fall apart, the sequins lose color, etc, etc, etc......! YUCK!

    (Sorry, I had to say it! And I can only go on about those on here....my friends will think I am a snob if I say that to them...LOL)