I am SUCH a mess right now...(sorry, kind of long!)

  1. ARGH!

    As many of you know I have been super super excited about Love 2 since the day I found out about it. After the manager at my LV contacted me about these and had me first on the waiting list, I was so prepared for the release and everything. When I saw actual pics of it, I liked the bag but I wasn't extremely impressed, however, I still wanted one.

    Throughout the next couple of weeks I kept in touch with the manager, asking for info about these bags, talking a lot about them here on TPF in the summary thread, etc. I was super prepared to pick mine up on the 15th...and of course, we didn't get any on the 15th.

    So while I'm waiting for this bag to arrive, I read posts on here calling the bag cheap, tacky, fake-LV, not worth a single penny, ugly, etc...and while I understand this is a forum and we are ALL entitled to our opinions I kind of have to admit, reading all these comments in a thread about a bag that I'm super excited about kind of hurts. I don't think I've seen a bag after the Tribute been bashed to death like this. It just makes me feel like that if I get this bag a lot of people would consider me an idiot for getting such a thing.

    Well anyway, moving on, since that is not the point of the thread.

    Now, I'm questioning how much I want this bag. I mean, I'm still waiting, I've called a couple of times (and still no news), and I do admit that the tote is kind of plain. ALTHOUGH it's canvas (and all mono/damier/azur bags ARE canvas), this isn't as fancy as my other LV's and it's pretty casual. Today at work (yeah I think about LV at work ALLLL the time) I was contemplating buying something small just to satisfy my LV craving/impatience but then that would take away from the money I was planning on putting towards this tote. Another alternative was Reade PM, but again that would take away from my main purse fund and there's just...so many TPF members with the amarante Reade right now! I kind of want my purchase to be unique.

    My next bag after Love 2, should I get it, will be the Beverly MM and there is in fact a waiting list for that...I really want to call in tomorrow and tell my SA take me off the list for Love 2 and put me on the list for Beverly, so I don't have to wait as long if in the end I don't get Love 2. But oh my, what if I still like the Love 2 IRL, buy it, and a couple days later she calls me telling me Beverly is in and I'm not ready to buy it?!?!!? :confused1::crybaby:

    Well, anyway...thanks for reading my rant. I'm sooo confused right now. Sorry if umm, the third paragraph sounded really bitter, but really I wrote this out of confusing and impatience for LV!! I think all I really need is a money tree in my backyard so I can get more now. :rolleyes:
  2. You shouldn't let other people's opinions affect your purchases.. I know it's extremley hard to ignore though! Keep your money for this bag that you want.

    If you're really unsure then wait a while and really think if you'll be happy with the tote.
  3. I know...and there I was a couple days ago telling my friend not to care what others think of himself, because it's their opinion. But it is very difficult to ignore opinions on here, because that is what we give every minute!
  4. Ahh, try not to worry. Perhaps wait till you see the bag in real life? You know, when I first saw the pictures of the Street bags, I thought - talk about a bag that looks like one of those £2 quid laundry bags!!! but, when I actually saw one IRL, they are just fab! If I had the cash, I'd be battering the door down to the Dublin LV to get my hands on one of the lovely gold ones!!

    I think if you wait, then you'll know immediately when you see/carry it, what you think. It's not about what other people think, it's always about what you think, and if you love that bag, and it makes you happy, then you go for it, girlfriend!!

    Cheer up chick!!

    take carae,

  5. isn't that how we all feel? Do not ever let anyone affect you. It's your money and you're entitled to do whatever you wish with it. Buy it and rock it like you will. Always follow your heart when you shop. I only buy items that scream out to me. If you took a fancy to the tote, you go get one for yourself girl!!

    Can't wait to see picts!!
  6. I would wait and see when the love 2 arrive at your store and then you can decide if it is the one for you ... and if it is then:yahoo:and if not you can waitlist for the Beverly.....I adore the love 2 totes and my store doesn't have them in either ...you have to purchase bags that are right for you:heart:
  7. And I just wanted to add, I think they're lovely!!!

  8. I agree with wat JuiceBox said. Don't let others opinions affect what you want to buy. If you're still undecided then sleep on it for a bit and wait.
  9. I think the street was bashed a fair amount and I LOVE my gold street pm ....people seem to dislike the floral keepall I adore too:p I purchase bags based on what suits my tastes/needs:heart:
  10. hi Karman!

    **hugs to you**
    I know it's difficult, but please don't let others affect your decision. I buy something which I love.

    share with you this:-
    I bought the framboise french purse even though my close friends and even my hubby didn't think highly of it. I still bought it cos I love it!

    give the bag a chance? see it IRL before u decide whether to get it.

    **hugs again!!!**
  11. Give it a chance, shouldn't be that long now:yes::heart:
  12. same me...Karmen..
    I also have same feelign you
    but i would see in real first and make decison between Lvoe and reade amarente...
  13. If it means anything, I like the new totes and am getting one, havent determined the size and colour though. I think the more people hating it would be good coz they will be fewer of it on the streets. :smile:
  14. Hi Karman...

    Dont fee bad !! Different people thinks differently and it is for you yourself to judge what looks best on you ! Instead of an impluse buy cos u are craving for something LV... why dont u think carefully when u see it IRL whether u really love it !
  15. I agree with the others, you shouldn't let other peoples opinions bother you. It's your choice hun so [​IMG] to what they think!!

    I remember when the MC came out and I picked up the very first Alma in the UK...I had so many rude comments about it looking 'fake and cheap' and it got to me..but then I thought SO WHAT!! It's MY LV. So there!!