I am such a geek.... I gave up ? for Coach or if I gave up Coach I would have $$$

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  1. Okay, one activity in my math class is to calculate how much one of your "vices" cost you. Figure out how much money you spend on a vice like cigarettes, lattes, etc..

    If you put that money towards Coach instead, what could you buy?

    Reverse, figure out how much money you spend on Coach annually, monthy, etc...

    If you invest that money in an annuity (let's say 5%) how much money would you be able to save in 20 years? What would you use the money for?

    Use http://www.1728.com/annuity.htm for the calculation. Choose TOTAL button before you enter in the information

    Does the amount shock you?
  2. I'll start...

    If I spend $2k a year on Coach and INSTEAD I invested in annually, after 20 years at 5% I would have $ 69438.50.


    $3k for 20 years is only $60k.

    Now, that means I only had $9438.50 in interest. However, if I invested it more frequently then I would make more in interest.

    One that most my kids choose is cigarettes.

    If you smoke two packs a week ($11 a week) and invest that money in a bank EACH week at the end of 20 years this would be $19,761.93. The actual amount saved at $11 a week for 20 years is $10560. So, you would make almost the same amount of interest. I used the calculator below for this.

    What could you do with an extra $19k for Coach, or if you don't include the principal, what could you buy for the $9k in interest for Coach. I know I would have TONS of Lilys!

  3. Haha I will have to do this after I have some lunch and figure out how much I have spent on Coach bags (aka look up the thread I approximated this on earlier)! I don't have a lot of other vices though... no coffee, no cigs, rarely go out to eat, etc! I will be back to put a real post here later!
  4. I think that I will completely ruin my Coach high of today if I make any calculations right now hehe. It really is my only vice, not a smoker, don't go out to eat that often, no car payment...but oh yeah that's right-I have tuition I'm supposed to be paying off...oh my poor DH :girlsigh:
  5. LOL! If I saved the amount I spend on coach annually, in 5 years I would have knocked up around $11603.83, 10 years $26413.57, and 20 years $69438.50 :wtf:
  6. I dont spend enough money on coach :sad:
  7. Yea, but is there something else you could cut out? For my DH it is eating out, particularly when I am out of town. If I see one more McD's charge .....

    Then what would you buy from Coach with THAT money
  8. Ahhhh makes me wanna sell all my coach swingpacks & save/invest & then retire.
  9. me too
  10. I don't even want to know...
  11. LOL!! I have thought about this before in just what I spend a month on everything besides bills. The way I see it though is you only live once, why not spend it while you got it. You just don't know what will happen tomorrow to you or to life as we know it. I do have a back up plan :lol: I have been investing in my company 401k so I know I will have some type of retirement when I can't work anymore. Better then nothin right? :P I only buy my Coach on ebay for as cheap as possible, granted it is still a vice, but just not at full price :graucho:
  12. :AGREED: :nogood:
  13. Alright I calculated mine... I've only been collecting Coach for about two years and have about $7000 in the value of my Coach... however, I DID NOT spend that much money to acquire it all because I don't have that kind of money! haha... anyways, if I invested $3500 for 20 years at 5% it would be $121517.38 minus the actual amount invested ($70,000) which means an increase of $51,517.38! Of course, if I actually had $3500 to invest every year that would be fabulous... but I don't and I don't spend that much on Coach each year. Hopefully I can do this when I have a "real job" though!!! Although, then I will be paying off student loans from grad school :crybaby:
  14. Oh, no - I'm not even gonna go there - besides I'm older than a lot of you and have a lot more "collecting" years behind me - I've sold most of my older bags, but still.....
  15. me either. i don't spend alot period. we have a great budget!