I am such a dork!

  1. Okay, so lately I've become quite obsessed with getting ALL of Coach's very adorable keyfobs/charms (especially the keyfob animals). So within, say the last month or so, I've manage to build up quite a collection. Right now I have say 15 charms/keyfobs (not counting the ones on the way via eBay and JAX)--I have them stored in this little Coach box with tissue paper and ummm...I find myself opening the box and just looking through them ALL THE TIME, it's so weird. Am I weird or what??? Are any of you like this? :wtf::nuts::wtf::sweatdrop:
  2. No, you are not weird at all. I admire my Coach all of the time.
  3. That is not weird. I do that too. Lately I've been collecting all the cute ones especially the ones that are hearts. Do you have a picture of your collection?
  4. No, that's not weird at all. I have more keyfobs than purses and obviously I can't use them all at the same time. So the ones that are stored in a dustbag, occasionally I'll whip it out and just stare at it or "play" with it while on my computer or in my room. It's crazy and I'd never tell my boyfriend that I do that, but I feel a real satisfaction in just staring at it and holding it. :nuts:
  5. that's not weird...i admire my collection all the time.
  6. You are not weird at all! I love looking at my stuff too! My DD laughs at me, but that's OK.
  7. I have bought 8 within 2 weeks, there are 2 more at least that I want but i really need to stop spending so can't buy them! I can't wait to oggle at their beauty all the time, so I don't think it is weird at all!
  8. Not a dork! I do this sometimes with my purses.
  9. I don't think this is weird at all but I do the opposite. I bought an Aries keychain a few months back and haven't looked at it since so that it will be new to me when I start using it with my spring bag in March. BUT I do peek at other things that I have when they are in use like if I store them in a hat box or something just so that I can admire it.
  10. it's not weird! i do that w/ my bags all the time!
    someone on here created a shadowbox display for her key rings, it's so cute!!
  11. Well, if you are a dork, then I guess that makes all of us on tPF dorks...lol!:lol: I think we are all kinda like that. I LOVE the little keyfobs! I find myself really wanting one every once in a while, and I woudn't put it on my keys, and I don't put them on my bags (I have only ONE that I used to put on my bags, but I didn't really know how to stylishly do it, so I stopped...I should start again..:thinking:)
    Anyway, I guess I just want them to look at or something? Caz they are soooo cute! Like the furry boot one! Soooo cute! And all of the little animals...adorable!!!! So you're not a dork!
  12. not weird.. you may as well admire them! :tup: I used to have several keyfobs but sold a few off because they can add up to a purse after just a few of them. :wtf: they are really cute though, I still have 2-3 that I won't give up. :p
  13. I am going to take a picture of the collection once I get evrything in the mail--which will be in a couple of days.

    And thanks to everyone for replying to this thread and making me feel "normal" lol. :p:graucho:
  14. Nope, not a dork! I love looking at my stuff. I go up to my room when I need a break, and just look through my boxes of bags, scarfs, charms, etc. I have to actually get them all out for some group shots soon. I think I'd like to see how they look all together, and grouped into their little "families"!
  15. You are not weird. I enjoy looking at my collection too. It makes me :smile:!!!