i am such a DORK!!

  1. girls, it is a sad fact but i cannot even boil WATER!!

    i put a pot of water on for tea like an hour ago. i have one of those whistling kettles so i wasn't paying attention to it...got distracted by my math homework and tPF. read something somewhere that made me remember it (someone said something lit a fire under them. hehe). i RUN into the kitchen and i have boiled the pot dry!! my whole kitchen is completely steamed up.


    i am so undomestic.

    (i laugh, but i am secretly scared...it was quite possible i could have gone to bed with the burner on! :shocked:)
  2. haha.. no worries. I've done that also. I think i was boiling water for my noodles until i felt a little humid inside my house. then i realised - the pot was dry!

    also........ just to tell you how undomesticated i am,

    i blew up my microwave because i didn't know i shouldn't heat hardboiled eggs in there.
  3. ilzabet i'm glad to hear that you're OK!!! maybe the tPF is your angel and has kept you awake... well also the math homework!
    dont worry too much, before i moved out of home didn't even know how to cook... its nearly been 6 years and i still can't make a home cooked meal!!!
    btw, are you living by yourself?
  4. seriously? i didn't know eggs would do that to a microwave...see you just saved me from making the same mistake. :smile:

    helenNZ - i'm married but still can't cook anything except french toast. my hubby cooks everything. he's at work tonight, hence the water boiling incident and the fact i haven't eaten any real dinner. my version of cooking looks way more like takeout, much to his dismay. :smile:
  6. LOL...It's ok girl! At least now you'll know when to check on boiling water and not to microwave eggs. Try to enjoy the learning process. (I'm still learning :shame: ) Have fun! :flowers:
  7. LOL! Well, I'm glad you caught it before anything really bad happened! Seriously though, dont feel bad because I'm probably as undomestic as they come. I'm completely useless in a kitchen. lol Your story reminded me of these two girls I met in college this past year and they said they were joking around with some friends and someone said something to the effect of "She doesnt even know how to boil water" (talking about someone else) and the two girls I know started laughing then later told me they dont know how either, lol :Push:
  8. What? You can't microwave hardboiled eggs in there? I did NOT know that! :roflmfao: But then I can't cook either. :rolleyes:

    One time, I was at my bf's place and wanted to boil some eggs so stupid me... boil the water first and then throw in the eggs later. Ofcourse the eggs cracked and it was a total mess. Then I manage to burn myself in the process too. Till this day, my bf still tease me to call him if I ever want to learn how to boil some eggs. :shame:
  9. hehehe... i've done the boil the pot 'till its dry bit too! and the cook the chicken until its charcoal. and putting soda in the freezer...

    i'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore. :shame:
  10. I could have started this thread! I can't cook either and thankfully my Mom (widow) lives next door and cooks for us. When my kids find out my Mom isn't cooking they run to the car and go out! They don't even want to hear there is a cookbook and I will try.
  11. you're so not alone! i used to sell high end cookware and people boil pots dry a lot! the funny part is people try to get a new pot out of it when they ruin their pot boiling dry! yeah, ok, i know you spent a lot on the pot, but no pot can withstand being boiled to death! :biggrin:
  12. My roommate did the same thing, she was boiling peas and then she forgot about them and when she went to the kitchen for something else.. she noticed the smoke and the burnt ruin of a pot on a stove.. MY pot !!!

    (and she did it again this year ! Grrrrrr)
  13. Dont worry i do that all the time.
  14. Been there! I am an absolutely useless cook. I can make a good lasagna (about 85% of the time I don't mess it up)...and I have a staple dish I cook that I don't mess up (it's chicken breast cooked on the stove with cream of mushroom soup and powdered ranch dressing...it is yummy!). Hubby is soooooooooooooooo sick of it. Lately he has stopped asking me to even cook!
    I usually buy frozen foods. Honestly...I hate cooking, think it's a waste of time and energy!
    BTW...I can't even cook breakfast....you'd think anyone can cook eggs & bacon and hashbrowns. Well i tried it....the eggs ran off the gridle, the bacon burned, the hashbrowns wouldn't cook (I put them on the stove with the element on for over 30 minutes and they were still frozen!), and I burned the toast.
  15. hmmm, maybe u can just microwave the water? hehe, i have this happened to me before, got scared coz i was on my own and my gosh, all i could think of was, what if i had burned the place down.. of course i didnt but still, from then on, i never leave what i am cooking, just to be safe..