I am such a Dork!!!!

  1. I have asked this before but can not find the thread now.....I have been looking for 20 minutes. So here I ask again (and i will save it and write it down this time).

    I got the legacy shoulder in Pond and coach says not to use there cleaner/protector so what do I use to protect it?

    Someone gave a name...leather??? dont remember rest:crybaby:
  2. Could you be thinking of the shining monkey protector?
    OR Apple Guarde?
  3. leatherstuff.com! i used it on my vintage leather ergo and it looks so good. you want the apple leather conditioner.
  4. No cleaner or moisturizer is supposed to be used on Legacy leather. The care card suggests wiping the leather with a damp cloth.
  5. ^^ some people have posted that they've used the leatherstuff.com stuff on their legacy leathers with good effects. i personally haven't tried it, just on the vintage ergo so far.