I am such a cheap...

  1. ...two drink whore. I admit it. Publicly. And while I will probably regret this later, I want you all to know that I can't handle anything. So if we ever meet, buy me two margaritas and I'll sign this site over to you.

    One thing I also came to realise... shopping with Megs is NOT a good influence. While I got my haircut today, Ms PB Herself went shopping and got like 54 tops. I couldn't NOT shop, so I ended up with a pair of C&P jeans, a jacket and some other misc stuff. DOH!

    Anyway, I love you all, on with the regularly scheduled program. I am gonna go have another drink and probably fall over wasted after. :roflmfao:

  2. Are you saying your drunk right now ??? :nuts:
  3. haha!! you sound like me..but i get tipsy after one drink!
  4. Cheers to shopping! :drinks:

    I too am all over the place after one drink! Infact a glass into our icewine, me and my man are giggling allready! :drinkup:

    Mmmm....lets pour another one then...hehe!

    *I would like to raise this glass to TPF!* wooo!
  5. Saturday morning here in HK....and I am nursing a nasty hangover after my 2 margaritas that I had last night!! Well...maybe it was more like four....
  6. booze + shopping = very dangerous. that's how i ended up almost buying $100 worth of board games one night. luckly hubs was sober and made me put all but one back. :supacool:

    but :drinks: anyway! :happydance:
  7. Vlad, are drunk! LOL! Vlad, don't leave come play! Where's Megs?
  8. I'm drinking, too :nuts:

    Megs, Vlad is drunk. Good time to take advantage of him (hint, hint) :graucho:
  9. Oh my gosh me too! My sis is in town and I had a little rum&DC w/ dinner... whoo. Gotta stop - Don't drink&post.:roflmfao:
  10. Shopping & drinking...I'll take a drink to that! Here's more margaritas :drinkup: to you, Vlad. Great to hear the fun side of you! :happydance:
  11. :heart:
    DUDE, just please don't drunk dial! LOL!
  12. Just don't "drink und bake" ok.

    I always take my husband to the pub before the mall ;) Good strategy Megs.
  13. Thats so funny.....shopping and drinking.....deadly fun....went to the Saks Bal Harbour breast cancer charity event.....grey goose and Bacardi were giving out cosmos, mojito martinis, and alot of other good stuff............have made 2 trips to return some of the most amazing clothes I bought in the most amazing colors which I have never worn......the makeup, shoes etc., will keep, but.....it was soooooo much fun.... and the food was amazing!!!!
  14. Or drunk text!! LOL

    My friends tend to drunk text a lot