i am such a bad influence

  1. i took my mom with me to chanel today to pick up earrings i had repaired and drop off a bag. we both fell in love with 2 bags i am hoping she'll buy!

    since we were a hop skip and a jump from hermes i took her there. while we were there we saw 2 women looking at 2 birkins- they were teeny! but we got to see one being opened from the plastic which was so exciting to me!

    i overheard the SA tell one of them that the sample sale was today but there were too long lines so not to bother. um, they really weren't that bad.

    anyway, my mom ended up buying the eureka notebad in a burgandy color. she was going to buy me a belt but misheard me on the price. when she saw what it really was? there went my belt! lol. i showed her how to wear a scarf and she actually got excited about it. i introduced her to my SA who was sweet as pie as usual.

    i tried on the evelyne in a red clemence which was pretty but not me. if only there was a good birkin for me to try on!

    anyway it got my mom superjazzed so we went to the hermes sale. there was a line but it was only about 15 minutes. went in and immediately brought her to the scarves which she promptly fell in love with. there was too much there! there is never enough time to look at everything! she tried on some clothing and found some ties for family. i tried on some shoes at the end but we were so rushed- there was one pair i should have gotten but they were not comfy at first try. i did think about buying a bracelet but it really wasn't that special so i passed. i didnt even have a chance to look at the small leather goods like agendas etc.

    it seems they raised some of their prices. the garden party was actually more than i thought it was the first day!

    soooo.....my mom bought 5 ties and 5 SCARVES! and you thought i went nuts there! lol. and that was putting some away. she loves them all though. and i am so happy because i can borrow them!

    i did get one- the noel au faubourg in black. not sure what i'm doing with it yet but i just had to have it- it's so cute!

    so that's my day. i think i officially turned my mom in to a hermes lover! but still- cross your fingers for me on the chanel bags. i am DESPERATE for them! lol
  2. omg i forgot the best part!!! i met olive from the board!!! we happened to run in to each other at the sale. she is the sweetest person ever! even my mom adored her. so happy to meet a boardie!
  3. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I have the noel in black too! It makes me happy every time I wear it. I decided that I'll celebrate Xmas in July if I want to, dang it!

    It's gonna be so much fun to be scarf-obsessed with your mom! I'll send a copy of the orange book for her too in your care package on Thurs.

    WhooHoo, You!
  4. oh thank you! but you don't need to do that. you are such a sweetie! she says she has something in the house- i have to look at it. i showed her 3 ways to wear it already. i want to buy her a scarf ring too.

    i'm jewish but i celebrate christmas. you think its ok for me to wear it? lol

    i wish christmas was all year round! love it!
  5. Congrats on you new purchases, lovely to get to share it with your Mom (how I miss mine).
  6. What a wonderful shopping trip with your mom!!
  7. Congratulations. Family enablers are the best enablers!
  8. Great little story and super purchases.
  9. thanks everyone. it was really fun to introduce my mom to hermes. i got her hooked on st john and chanel and now hermes. lol.