I am stumped! Which white bag??

  1. Please help me decide on which white bag I should get for the spring/summer season. Some of these bags are impossible to find, but if I could get any one of these bags, which one should it be?

    1) White diamond stitch tote

    2) White baby cabas

    3) White modern chain tote


    I would love to hear if anyone has other white bag recommendations...
  2. I like the diamond stitch tote. However, consider a caviar classic flap in white, I love mine.
  3. ^^^I also think the Classic Flap is gorgeous in white!!!
  4. Modern Chain Tote or White Caviar Classic Flap!

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. I'd go for the white baby Cabas....arent they coming back again???
  6. Diamond stitch tote! They look great in white, plus I really really love that bag.
  7. The white diamond stitch tote is impossible to find - but it's a beautiful bag. Very heavy.

    I say get the white baby cabas, easier to find and a great bag.

    I have a white MC large tote and I plan to carry this for summer. Are they easy to find in stores?
  8. You should also check out some of the new ones coming out...SO many nice ones.
  9. definately white baby cabas! :love:
  10. The off white diamond stitch tote should be released soon, according to my SA.
  11. White baby cabas... :heart:
  12. Baby Cabas
  13. My vote goes to White DS tote or baby cabas!! :love::love:
  14. Go for the Baby Cabas. I have a black one and I love it to pieces!
  15. THe white diamond stitch!