I am stuck with this dress- any seller advice?


never pay retail
Jan 3, 2008
I am NOT trying to sell this dress- I just want some *experienced* clothing sellers advice if possible...

So I bought this super cute Carolina Herrera dress in December as a bridesmaid's dress for my sis' wedding- she wanted us to wear navy blue and I jumped on this dress because it was on sale at NM.com on the Last Call sale page.
Fast forward to today- sis has changed her mind about bridesmaid color/dresses- so I thought I could just return this dress to NM: NOPE- Last Call stuff has to be returned within 30 days. I am S.O.L.

Do I have the best shot at selling it in a designer consignment shop (never done it before- there are some high-end ones near me) or just go stick it on Ebay? (but it doesn't look like CH is moving very fast on there).

Anyone have luck selling a high-end dress before?

By the way- I am not a *dress* girl- so this dress wouldn't get worn- plus it would need some altering to fit me anyways- so it would just be another item collecting dust in my closet- and it is too nice of a piece to do that.

Oct 29, 2006
Los Angeles
I would personally go to a consignment store. You have the potential to make more money on eBay, but unless you're very experienced selling high end goods, it's a huge pain in the butt. I've never sold at a consignment store before, but you could probably call them and tell them what kind of dress you have, what it retailed for, etc, and they could give you an idea of whether they would want it/how much they would sell it for.


Nov 3, 2008
I think it really depends on the style and how much of a loss you are willing to take on the dress. *bay buyers are incredibly picky these days and prices are competitive for items that are not uncommon, especially for RTW. Good luck to you, I am not a super experienced seller but I have sold a few dresses here and there but sold it for much less (sometimes like 90 percent less than retail on items that I purchased either at full price or at 20% off). I ended up donating some pieces than sell to buyers who haggle me to death. I hope your experience will be better than mine!