I am still hunting for the elusive brown bag--now I am thinking the luxe ligne--

  1. so, who loves their luxe's?? ;)
  2. There isn't a brown in the Luxe ligne, only bronze.

    Personally, I love my two black Luxury bags, the bowler and flap. They are truly Luxe!

    The only true brown bags I have seen that Chanel makes are the dark brown Jumbo classic flap and dark brown Outdoor and Diamond Stitch bags. The other browns are more beige, reddish-brown or taupe colors.
  3. It really is elusive, then, isn't it! I have "almost" bought both the diamond stitch and outdoor bags, but then changed my mind because they weren't quite right. Not sure what to do on my brown dilemma (not a bad problem to have, though!)