I am starting to resent ebay buyers

  1. I swear one day I will actually quite selling on eBay. Until then I am stuck with these hard to please buyers.
    First off, I am not WalMart. I do not except returns because you found the item cheaper the next day. Or find out that it is to big, to small, to wide, to whatever even though the demensions, size, etc. are clearly listed in the auction. And when you threaten me with negative feedback if I do not except the return it just aggravates me to no end. I mean, it's eBay, I have to except the return no matter what.
    Now I sell an item NWT-it has never been used-you can clearly tell it is new as it still has the plastic protection over the Coach emblem(from the outlet) The tag was NOT attached as it was inside the wallet. Again, this is how it came from the store. Buyer is mad that it is not new with tags as stated because otherwise the tag would still be attached. Plus how does she know I did not use it? And how can she tell this tag goes with this item?
    I mean seriously, I could have easily attached the tag to the item and she probably would have never blinked an eye, but now she is upset because I have sold her something that was not what she expected (because she wanted a NWT item!) Instead I sold it exactly how it arrived at my house directly from Coach store!
    All this was clearly pictured in the listing. Please why can't people just read and actually look at the auction?
  2. Is it too blunt to say because some people can be annoying jerks? Thats my vote.
  3. Sadly there are some people on this planet who moan no matter what you do, they will always find fault with something . Not all of us who buy on eBay are moaners, some of us are quite nice :smile: just grab a pillow and slap that in place of her :smile:
  4. ebay is a buyer's paradise...sucks but nothing we can do..
  5. Ugh, I really think that some people just see the first picture, don't read the description and bid. And yes, it's awful!
  6. you know, some people who wants get great bargains from eBay do not have experience with purchasing in retail store, and they just assume the tag will be attached to the bag?
    you should really offer “return not accepted " as it's just from your personal collections.....
    I used to sold a bag to a buyer and then found out the item is being given away by my mom the next morning...so i immediately offered refund and guess what, she just left me a negative feedback !! Refused to revise comments or cancel transaction no matter what I explained...
    i agree with you, i'm not Walmart! even Walmart can run out of stock............
  7. It's sad but ebay ALWAYS seems to side with the buyers. For whatever reason they state, they always win. I'm totally fed up with ebay & their crap!

    I'm dealing with a buyer that used a bag for 3 weeks and won her claim cause she says some stitching came undone on an MK bag. So I'm getting my bag back damaged from who knows what and it may not even be the one I sent! I'm really pissed bout this!
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    ITA but ebay doesn't seem to care what sellers state as far as returns. Mine was sold "as is", no returns. Ebay over-rode that! Grrrrrrrrr :rant:
  9. IMO it isn't so much the buyers as it is Ebay/PP. They could return to a more level playing field if they wanted. Buyers pull this crap because Ebay/PP lets them. What is the saying? Give them an inch...................:nono:
    Let them play E-strom's with their merchandise
  10. I think it's a combination - buyers and ebay/PP. Yes, there are many good - even great - buyers out there, but SO MANY trouble-makers as well, & so many different kinds of trouble-makers - the ones that do it intentionally, the ones that don't know what they're doing is against policy, the ones that just have a demanding/rude/selfish demeanor... the list goes on and on. As for ebay/PP always siding with the buyer - it seems that way, but I did recently have this situation work in my favor, as a seller -- a buyer contacted me and demanded to return an item after using it for 3 months!! A case couldn't actually be filed, but ebay/PP sided with me and took action against the buyer -- because they were threatening, and also I think a lot of it had to do with the simple fact that it was waaay past the 45 day window for filing any kind of claim. So I guess, occasionally, ebay/PP do the "right" thing.
  11. Not all buyers are like this. I wanted to return a bracelet because it didn't fit and ebay and my CC company denied my claim. The problem for me is that she didn't give a correct circumference of the bracelet when closed, which made it too small for anyone I know. I'm gonna try to pawn it and hopefully I get at least 20$ from it.
  12. There are indeed many honest buyers with integrity (I consider myself one of them), and the very few times I've sold something here or there, I've been scared to pieces that I'd be scammed again. I have only recently sold a few (less than 5) small ticket items; the planned idea of selling some of my own high end bags that I never used on the 'bay has pretty much left my brain. I'll just either keep them or find a consignment store. I hear it's pretty easy to sell Chanel items there.

    I've seen both bad buyers and bad sellers, and I know that most are not like this. From hundreds of completed auctions that I've been a buyer in in the past months, 99% are fantastic; it's the 1% that are the bad seeds.
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    Well my main fault was I trusted ebay. They wanted me to list my items with a return policy stating I would accept returns so I could get a better seller rating or a bigger discount? I forget. Anyway, this was one of the first listings I listed stating I would accept returns. I know it doesn't matter because ebay will make you take the item back, but I still believe some buyers won't be bothered to return if it states you won't take returns. I should have never done that. Buyer just did not want the item-nothing was wrong with it-it was new-still sealed, but they wanted to return it. Ok, so I said I would if it was still in new condition (which it was)
    Item returned-refund issued-transaction canceled. All good right? Wrong! She still left me negative FB because I was hard to deal with. WTH? Just because I wanted to make sure it was still in new condition and that I could not exchange it, etc? I should have seen it coming as she asked me to refund or she would leave negative FB.
    Oh, and get this-she has left 5 negatives for sellers in July alone and one neutral!
    I blocked her quick!
    So now I have my first negative FB this year. I have over 1600 positives and this buyer comes in and wipes that record out lol. (She has 186+) so she is not a newbie. Retaliation FB is the worst.

    ETA: I do want to say the positive buyers on ebay out number the crazies, but I guess the crazy ones are the most frustrating ya know.
  14. i've actually had more like 10% bad buyers. people that either want to return because it doesn't fit, they don't like the fabric, they don't like the color, or they just want a free item and to send me back a different one. i want to give up on ebay.
  15. You my grandmother always says there are some people if you gave them a million dollars they would complain that it was in 50s instead of 20s.