I am starting to get really pissed >

  1. We live in like a square with a car park in the middle, our houses around it...anyway, this guy's van alarm keeps bloody going off, 5 days now it's woken me up beeping away, he was out there on saturday trying to fix it, but obviously it hasn't worked.
    It's not that someone's trying to break in, it's just faulty. Anyway, what should I do? I dunno where the guy lives to tell him to go and get it sorted. There are 2 numbers on the side of the van though, is it out of order to ring the company and tell them? Or...?
    Any suggestions are great :smile:
  2. Put a note under the wipers asking him to fix it. The alarm might go off when you do but at least you will get his attention.
  3. Neighbor's can be the biggest pain!
  4. i say call them straight away ! i had a similar problem with a private car and i literally ran out of bed and waited at the car for the owner ... i dont know if he fixed the car but he never parked near my building again! :yahoo: