I am starting a magazine

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am going to publish my own magazine next year and I am doing a little market research.
    I made this survey, it's not very long, should only take you about 15 min. to fill out. It would help me a great deal in exploring the market, because TPF seems like my kind of demographics.

    it's here


  2. That is so cool!
    I just send it, I hope it will help ;) Curious what your magazine is going to be like.
  3. I just took your survey. Good luck to you. Let us know as things progress.
  4. Good Luck with everything!

    What kind of magazine are you starting...you need to give us details!!!

    P.S. I did do your survey!
  5. Wow! Great! Good luck!!
  6. Just did it! Good luck!
  7. I did do your survery :smile:

    What was the "Good Luck" for at the end? Do we win something? :nuts:
  8. Thanks guys!
    Well, im only just starting to do research so really there isn't anything concrete yet. But it all started out with an assumption that there are a lot of people out there whose needs are not being met by any one specific magazine.
    These people are about 17 to 40 (but a lot of it would appeal to a more mature reader), they are either well educated or in the process of getting quality education. They are intelligent, curious, creative, ambitious and have vast interests. They enjoy consumption but they don't want to be dictated on what to buy. They want honest, intelligent and unbiased information about products & brands. They are active consumers of culture. They read a lot. They are creative and like to express themselves, even when working in traditionally "uncreative" fields. They are smart, opinionated and like to blog. They are looking for new opportunities to evolve & educate themselves. They are enjoying or working towards a comfortable financial situation but they put family and relationships before money.
    These people are looking after their physical and mental health but they don't enjoy "pop psychology" and dubious health tips. They are open-minded and like to interact with new ideas and trends. They don't like information to be water down for them because it's assumed they are too stupid or ignorant or busy to understand it.
    They are sceptic. They are not religious. They don't take anything on faith alone. They care for the environment, they care about global issues and they feel certain social responsibility.
    This is all pretty much confirmed by my Survey so far. You'd be suprised about how many people who cite Vogue as their favourite magazine also read Economist, National Geographic and New Scientist.
    So yeah, I have got a vague picture of who this person is, im gonna wait till I gather at least a 500 or so responses. ;)
  9. Oops. sorry, it's just what I always say. Unfortunetly, there is no prize for the best response. :s I should have thought of that! On the other hand, I thought people wouldn't want to write their income and stuff if it wasn't anonymous.
  10. Just responded! Good luck with your magazine!
  11. Just took it. Hope it helps.
  12. Just did your surbey. Magazine sounds really neat.
  13. I just filled it out . hope it helps
  14. I just filled it out, good luck with your mag!! We should all get free subscriptions ;)
  15. Just filled it out! And good luck to you, too!