i am sooooooo jealou...!

  1. do you know someone who has like a ba-zillion handbags? and designer ones at that? and you see them on a frequent basis? lol. everytime i see them i want to go shopping :love:

    i have a teacher who comes in every week (its once a week class) with a different designer bag, last year it was gucci and some other brands but this year i'm getting better at identifing them (thanks to TPF). if i find my camera i'd definitely take pictures, too bad he almost never carries the same bag twice!

    so far i've seen an extra large, bright red hermes bag
    a large sized whiskey colored paddington.
    a messenger balenciaga, purple colored bag.

    those are the ones i recognized, when i saw that extra large hermes i almost fainted. i didn't even know it comes in that size! :wtf:

    and yup, they're all real, i'm still trying to figure out a polite way of wondering whether he gets a discount or not on the bags because he works in the retail business too, pretty high up there, so i was just curious, a classmate of mine told me he gets it for free or really discounted. but that's just a rumor. :upsidedown: so far anyways!
  2. Wow your teacher is so lucky. I would love to come in ever week with a new bag. Yes, I see people with different pairs of shoes every week but not bags.
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