I am soooooo mad

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  1. Ok, so I get an email from Coach saying that a new store is having its grand opening this weekend at my local mall. It says in hot pink writing across the bottom that I can come in and preview their new spring line! I get all excited because they used to words 'preview' and 'new'. I actually gave up some much needed quality time with the sofa and go to the mall thinking I am gonna see something special.
    OMG! First off the smell really turned me off (it kinda reminded me of my dog groomers shop). After I got over the smell I looked around and was soooooo disappointed. Most of the stuff in the store is also at the outlet now and the rest has been out forever. There was nothing to 'preview' (unless you have been living in a cave) and there wasn't anything 'new' (well, I guess if you define new as 'not used' then maybe...) Even the catalogs they keep shoving at me were not new. I was swarmed with sales people trying to sell me bags I told them I didn't want or like. It was a horrible experiance. :cursing:

    OK OK OK, sorry for the long post. It has been hours since the trip and I am still ticked off. There was nothing special or new like the email promised!!!! Grrrrrr.
  2. wait

    was it an outlet or a full price store?

    j/w because you said they had stuff that is already at the outlet?

    i would look for the red book! they should have inserts for the new line, including the alligator trimmed canvas bag, the new clothes (l/s tees) and the perfume set, etc.

    i mean it's not an actual bag but you'd get to see stuff that is essentially in the new catalog!

    sorry about the disappointment.
  3. Wow.....sorry to hear that.....
  4. That sucks!!!!
  5. This was a full price store. Alot of the stuff I saw there was at the outlet in St Augustine last night. I asked about what the email said about new stuff and the SA's just looked confused and said their stuff came from Jacksonville :wtf: I flipped through the catalogs and books they had and didn't see anything special in them.
  6. sorry you made the long trip...i went to the oulet and full price store today and saw some cross over, but nothing too dramatic.
  7. This just seems very weird to me, all of the Coach full price stores have a floorset they must follow according to store level and we only keep the current merchandise.

    What store is this? (ie, city or mall name)

  8. It is in Gainesville, FL. The website isn't even showing it yet.

    I seem to remember the signs out before opening saying it wouldn't open until April and then all of a sudden it was opening sooner. I got the impression that someone was in a hurry to open. Heck, they probably just picked up whatever was laying on the floor in Jacksonville and threw it on the shelf and opened shop. Overall, the staff was pretty clueless, there was one lady who seemed to know a little about the merchandise and she was running around fielding questions from all the other SA's. I did crack up a little bit when another customer picked up a wristlet and an SA perked up and said "thats called a wristlet, I know that one! Want it?"
    I'll go back in a few weeks and see if things are better. If not I can keep going to Orlando or Jax (lol, thats such a hardship:lol: )
  9. Wow, I'm shocked. That's not like Coach at all... They shouldn't have anything that's in the outlets now, unless it was just a couple customer returns or something..Strange. What particular items did they have, that you'd seen at the outlet? I'm curious.
  10. wow, this is confusing!
  11. im guess the crossover i saw was from returns (just charms and keyfobs)
  12. They opened on friday, so I really don't think customer returns could account for it. The cross over was primarily in the Hamptons stuff and signature lines (which is alot since the store was not strong on leather). There was actually a flap bag in there that I had in my hand in the outlet last night, but put back in favor of a mia. There was also crossover in the accessories (wallets, wristlets, agendas, umbrellas. Not sure about the mens stuff, I don't pay much attention to that) About the only thing they had going for them today was punch stripe stuff and carleys. Oh well, I'll check back in a few weeks and see how it is going maybe it was just opening weekend kinks.
  13. I hope the grand opening of the retail store in Maine isn't like that...:confused1:
  14. That sucks. I know what you mean by quality time w/ the sofa :yes:
  15. Oh my, sorry that it was disappointing. I would've felt the same way too if i were in your shoes!