I am soooooo happy, this bag is a dream !!!

  1. Thanks so much to all of you for helping me make up my mind.
    I finally caved in and got the Prada Gauffre. I had put it on hold since the SA had told me it was on sale when calling back to say I would come and get it I was told the SA had made a mistake and that they would not mark it down but continue selling it / keep it for ss collection grhhh. I was so upset but then I went back to check it out again and :love: Down here I can only dream about the great sales you lady's in the US are used to but I don't regret it the leather is soo buttery soft I can't stop touching it :shame:!

    I thought it was naturale but it says camello ???

    I love that there is a shoulderstrap even if I will probably handcarry it mostly but is there a way to shorten it I think it's really too long???


    P1010200.jpg P1010172.jpg P1010184.jpg P1010185.jpg
  2. Oh that bag looks great on you or you look great with the bag---LOL whichever, you look good. Enjoy
  3. WOW! i love her! looks great on you! congreats!
  4. Beautiful bag and color...beautiful girl - you look great together!! Congrats!!!

    You can shorten the strap like this ....
    shorten strap.JPG
  5. I've always wanted to shorten the strap on my gauffre...thank you for posting this!
  7. Beautiful bag! And you carry it so well! Congrats!
  8. **sigh** I could never get tired looking at a gauffre lol!!!! Congrats...she's a beauty!!!
  9. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Catcat, your gauffre is truly beautiful and the color is wonderful.

    You have great taste in bags.
  11. That bag looks fabulous on you. Glad you decided to get it. Congrats!
  12. Congrats..Its a TDF BAG!
  13. Catcat, so you decided against the Bal! I think this is a better choice since you already have Bals. The camel color looks great on you. I think the way you wear it low on your hip suits you, but you can make it shorter if you like.
  14. Big congrats to you catcat!!! It's fabulous!! I don't think you would regret it.
    Cilifene -- ohhhh that's how you shorten the strap...........Thanks for showing us!!!
  15. You can also take the strap to a cobbler or leather craftsperson and have another hole punched in the messenger strap.

    I tried the "double up" method with my Coffer and I didn't like the way it looked or felt at all. I wasn't sure I'd even use the messenger strap since I can still carry it on my shoulder with the braided handle, so I just tucked the messenger strap away. I'd forgotten it has one until just now!