I Am Sooooo Lovin' Reissues...Come See My 2 New Additions...Black & Brown

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  1. Hi all.:smile: Just wanted to share my latest goodies from Saks. These should hold me over till next week when my HG & red reissue gets here.:nuts: Lol. Thanks for letting me share. Hope you guys like them.;) Here is my metallic black lambskin & dark brown Reissues:

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  2. they're both absolutely gorgeous! congrats on your new beauties!
  3. Aww I love them both too! You have to have a group pic of all your reissue together!!!
  4. congratulations! :woohoo:

    i :heart: reissues too!
  5. gorgeous new additions! :heart:
  6. :huh:ooh... CONGRATS!! They're stunning!
  7. love the NAVY!
  8. Yes I was planning to...when my other two get here. Hehe.:smile: Kind of a family shot!:P

    Thanks kimalee,Viki,kuromi-chan,ChenChen & laurayuki. You guys are sweet!;)
  9. I really like them both:tup:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Both bags look just fabulous, PurseCrazyGal. I especially love the rich dark brown re-issue. Congrats and looking forward to pics of the new red re-issue. You'll have a great collection!
  12. Congrats! Love em both. What size are they?
  13. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the new spring brown?
  14. congrats they are gorgeous!!!
  15. Thanks cchan83. :smile: I think they are 227's. They measure 11 x 7 x 3 3/4.

    Thanks nvchampagne,LVKeepallfan,allbrandspls & lizziecat for your kind words.;)

    KMBS - It's not. I think it is from last fall?