I Am Sooooo Excited!!!

  1. So my fiance so nicely picked up a new catalog for me today since I was at work and I was sad that I didn't really see anything in there that I liked. Well, while I was flipping through, I noticed the Lily on one page saying it was available in the Atlantic. Well I bought one in black last PCE and was really angry that the Atlantic was gone. So imagine my surprise when I saw it in the catalog! So I went online and found it in the legacy boutique in Atlantic! So I called my very generous father and convinced him to buy one for me as my Christmas/Birthday gift and he said YES!!! I have never been so excited for a purse! I can't wait to receive it!! Now I just have to decide if I want to sell the black one or keep it and just have 2! :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Wow aren't you lucky!!
    Personally I would keep the black at least for the first while. If you never have the need for the black after a couple of wks/mos then I'd consider letting it go.
    That's just me.
  3. Maja, are you sure it's available?? I called CS this morning and was told it was NOT available and there is no backorder date for that color. :nogood: I tried two more times today , just to be sure, and was told it was NOT available both times. Why do they tease us?:confused1:
  4. Yes you want to make sure that it's in good shape - not a return or scratchy floor model.
  5. Well usually when I try to order something from the website and it's not available anymore, the order won't go through. So since it went through, i'm assuming that it's available. I guess I will just have to wait and see if they contact me or if I get a crappy one sent to me. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Maja, I hate when Coach does this. During the last PCE, the legacy ipod case was on the website with a backorder date for Nov. I ordered it thru my usual Coach store and was informed a month later that the item is no longer available. :tdown:
    You can always call and check on your order status. Good luck it's a beautiful color!
  7. I hope you get the bag you want. And if you do, I say keep them both.
  8. Oh, I will be so angry if they do that to me. I'll definately be making a phone call to check with CS. Thanks again!
  9. Maja, what's the status on your order? I hope it works out for you. Atlantic is such a gorgeous color!
  10. Fingers definitely crossed for you!
  11. Oh good luck :smile: I hope you get it...that is a beautiful bag!
  12. As of right now it says In the Warehouse. So I don't know if that's good or bad. I probably have to wait until monday to see if there is any change.
  13. I feel good about this for you!! You'll get it!!! (positive thinking, eh?):jammin:
  14. Thanks! Yes, I need to think positive thoughts! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!! :tup:
  15. Yay for you! I say keep them both. he he.