I Am Soooo @^*&^@ Mad!!

  1. At myself! I was driving to my summer school class today and decided to stop at the gas station to buy a Monster energy drink (yummm). Anyway, I got back into my car, popped the lid open and took a drink. Then I reached over and zipped my BRAND NEW Speedy 35 closed and a drop of water that was on the can GOT ONTO THE LEATHER ZIPPER PULL!!! I almost had a heart attack!!! There is an ugly water mark there now:sad: So I called the LV store near my house and they said that they can just replace that leather part for like 30 bucks. Has anyone ever had this done to their bag before? How long does it take? Also, any tips on maybe treating the leather to not be so vulnerable to stains? I don't want a cleaner that will darken the leather, as I loooove the light look that my new bag has. Thanks:smile:
  2. I thought i heard that LV can put something on the leather to prevent it from oxidizing. any truth too this anyone? :hrmm:
  3. I don't *think* they can because for the most part, they don't recommend putting anything like that on the vachetta because it'll void the warranty. If you make any of your own alterations that's what voids it, and the treatment would count as an alteration. That's what I've heard from the SAs at my store for quite awhile.
    Anyway, it doesn't seem like it'd take that long, maybe a couple weeks..I'd ask first. And really, I'd do it soon before the rest of the bag patinas so that way you won't have 2 different colored areas.
  4. Agreed. Vuitton doesn't put anything on their leather...especially vachetta. Vachetta leather is untreated leather after all, treating it to me with anything seems somewhat counter intuitive, and I've never done it, regardless of what it could do to prevent stains or whatever. That's the whole beauty of vachetta---at least to me.
  5. So sorry to hear about your bag, I don't blame you for being furious.
    Hopefully LV can help you.
  6. I try not to stress about things like that...it does suck that it is brand new and this happened, but I like my bags when they are patina'd and "broken in". I don't like the brand new pale vachetta look at all. Once the leather patinas and acquires that lovely honey color you really won't be able to see the water spot. I DO Appleguard my vachetta, it keeps away the really bad water spots but does not affect the patina. :smile:
  7. Did the water spot disappear when it dried? What happened?
  8. I've gotten water spots on my handles before and they just disappear when they dry.
  9. i live in oregon. i bought my speedy in april and got stuck in the pouring rain with pale vachetta more than once (the weather here is bi polar :biggrin:) the first time i got really scared, but they dried without a trace. now i don't worry about water at all.
  10. Thanks for lending your advice and a sympathetic ear:smile:

    I am starting to think that I spilled a drop of my Monster energy drink instead of a drop of water condensation from the can, because the spot is still totally there...it lightened ALITTLE bit, but not much:yucky:

    Good advice, all...where can you buy Appleguard btw? What is the diff. between that and Shining Monkey? How do u apply it? What is the meaning of life? (JK on the last one!!!:lol: )

  11. There is nothing to do except get the tab replaced.
  12. I prefer Shining Monkey to Apple guard. It dries much faster and does not leave a greasy residue.
  13. Shining monkey is the absolutely best product for protecting vachetta from spots.
  14. I don't know why people get freaked out about water spots either. My Speedy 30, for example, has been caught in the rain AND I dumped a large Starbucks latte on it. I wiped the coffee off the bag (canvas and vachetta) with baby wipes and there are no watermarks or stains on this bag whatsoever. And I didn't treat the bag with anything in the first place.

    My MC Alma I treated with AppleGard when I first got it because I was paranoid of the vachetta bottom. The vachetta is still pristine after two+ years.
  15. i got caught with my keepall while heading to the airport, there are little stains on the handles. :sad: hopefully can't see them when my bag fully patinas