I am soooo happy

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  1. that I have to share my excitement:

    Brought my B today to Hermès for repair and Spa - they told me it will take 8 weeks at least.

    So I surpassed myself and called all Hermès stores near to me and asked for a Herbag zip MM and finally, after 1 and a half year of searching I heard the " yes we do have ONE in stock, but I don't know if it is available. We call you".

    Best news ever- the color I always wanted (azur), the size I always wanted AND the store is the next one to me, only half an hour away.

    So, be prepared, tomorrow you'll find a "hello herbag" here on this thread. I an sooo happy happy happy HAPPY!
  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see the pics! Congrats!
  3. Thank you hbr!

    I'll post pic, promised!
  4. Congrats!! Cannot wait to see!!!
  5. Thank you Ehy12! I can't wait either- only 13 hours to go!!!!!

  6. Woohoo!
  7. we will be waiting... sharing ur excitement... :jrs:
  8. Thank you SO much! Knowing that there are unbelievable kind women sharing my excitment makes it even MORE special to me.

    I am so overwhelmed I even won't find words to describe it in my mother tongue.

    Dear all, a very very happy and supported person goes now to sleep, thinking of your nice and kind and sweet comments and feeling more happy that today after hearing the good news.

    Good night! You are the best :love:

  9. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Many CONGRATULATIONS on finding yr HG bag dear!!! Can't wait to see yr new baby!!!!!
  12. Congrats
  13. YAYYAY great news!!
  14. such wonderful news, congrats and looking forward to your reveal!!:smile:

  15. Thank you so much! Reveal will come tomorrow as well as the bag, as: DD brought a friend with her. And what do you do, when your 9 year old daughter who was mobbed through the last 3 years at school finally (after moving!) finds tons of friends? Exactly. You cancel the trip to the H store, stay at home and make cookies.

    So, tomorrow ....tomorrow...
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