I am Soooo excited ~ I've waited so long!!

  1. I have been aching for the 2006 Legacy shoulder bag #10328 in POND for sooooo long I could taste it. I kept looking on eBay and calling the outlets but no luck.
    Today I checked eBay and LOW AND BEHOLD there she was... a BEAUTY!! & not from an outlet either. I emailed the seller & she ended the auction early for me.
    WOW what a GREAT thursday!!! :tup:
    I have wanted this bag since the first second I saw it. I keep going back to the auction to see that it says Congrats You just won the item & I still can't believe it!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I will post pics when I get her.:heart:
  2. Grats!!! You're gonna love that bag!! =D lol I've been guilty of the end auction early thing too, it's so hard to resist!
  3. wow! that is one of my dream bags! awesome choice.
  4. Thanks for sharing in my excitment ladies!
    I realize some people have had this bag for a while now & the newness might have worn off, but I am really in love with this one :heart: :heart::heart:
  5. :tup: I have one and I looove it!!! I was lucky to find mine in the Outlet. Congrats!
  6. Fantastic!
  7. Congrats! That is fantastic! I have this bag and she is super nice though I haven't been able to use her yet since she is still in hiding from dh. And it's killing me!

    btw, lamiastella-your baby is beautiful!
  8. YAY! Congrats!
  9. good for you thats great!!!
  10. congrats! that is a beautiful bag. can't wait to see pics
  11. yay! Can't wait to see pics!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo: