I am SOOO upset!!! :(

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  1. Some of you may remember that I posted about a Mandy legacy shoulder bag that I purchased earlier this week. Well, the bag arrived, BUT it is not as promised!!


    The bag was listed as BNWOT and I reconfirmed this with the seller multiple times. I ripped the box open as soon as I received it and then came to a dead stop in my tracks...this bag has been used. There are some crumbs in the pockets, light stains on the interior zip pocket, some scratches on the twistlocks, and some light wear on the bottom of the bag. I am SUPER picky about the condition of my bags, so these things to me are huge, whereas other may not think its a big deal.

    So here is my dilemma...I bought this bag outside of ebay (a risk, I know) but I paid through paypal, is there anything that paypal can do if I don't get a response from the seller? Or should I just deal with it and clean it up myself...I paid $175.00 for the bag so I feel like I got a good deal, but I don't know for sure. for reference purposes, the style number is 10342. Hopefully, someone can make me feel better about this purchase!

    Thanks for hanging through my rant!
  2. Can you post pic.s..Sorry this happen's Alot with Ebay..Thats why I will Not buy before seeing,jmo...
  3. I am SO sorry. Its a bummer when things aren't described as they should be. I believe that on paypal there is a resolution center where you can state that your item didn't come as promised. Maybe the seller will refund some of your money if you state your concerns?
  4. If you paid with a credit card through paypal, then your credit card can help you out with this, too. Obviously, contact seller first. Then go through paypal: you want to return the item for your money back. Finally (because I don't know what paypal can do) dispute the charge with your credit card. They'll want you to send it back to the seller before they can help you. Send it back insured and with delivery confirmation and then send the paperwork into your credit card company. Good luck--even if you don't send it back, hopefully this gave you some options.
  5. Congrats on the new Mandy!!!!
    Bummer that the Seller couldn't be honest especially after you confirmed several times with her that it was a new bag!!! BNWOT means to me that she took the tags off and tried her stuff in it and walked around the house not went out on the town and everywhere else with it!!! (IMO)
    I have used paypal twice and had no problems - so I am not sure about misrepresentation. You have a right to be picky especially when you are buying site unseen!! I don't know if the seller would be willing to give some money back or give you a full refund if you send Mandy back??

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. I just checked. Under paypal in the resolution center there is a box to check that says: "Item dispute: I did not receive an item I purchased or the item I received is significantly not as described" If the seller doesn't respond you have that option!
  7. Well, the seller just responded to tell me that I am lying and she didn't use it. I told her that I was going to take pictures so she could understand what I was talking about...ugh. now it sounds like she was selling the bag for her mother and it was not hers...
  8. She still should have inspected the item before she sold it. What did you buy it through?
  9. I do a lot of business online and I use PayPal as my merchant account...it is REALLY easy for you to get your money back. If you don't want the bag just request a refund in the dispute center.

    I have gotten jacked before by people who got exactly what they paid for and just decided they didn't want to pay for it anymore - they get refunds just as easily as people with legitimate gripes.

    So, you're good - you may just have to wait a few days to a week for everything to be processed.
  10. So sorry to hear about your bag not being as decsribed. I would be a little upset too. You shouldn't have an issue getting your money back with PP if the seller won't work something out with you.
  11. Yes I just place a complient with paypal on a bag that I got that was not what it should be.. I it is very easy..

    Go to your paypal, find the charge, go to detail & then at the bottom there is a section for compliants... follow the instructions... It takes up to 2 weeks for resolution..
  12. I would try to talk to the seller to see if you can get your money back - if you do not want to keep it. Personally, I think $175 is quite a steal for a mandy. Maybe you can get a partial refund. but it all comes back to you and if you're happy with it or not. Good luck in your decision.
  13. It is very easy with paypal. If you don't like it go through them. Good luck.
  14. She was selling through ebay but the bag didn't sell so I contacted her and directly...she just invoiced me through paypal...now that I say it out loud, I kinda feel stupid.
  15. Dispute through PP if you don't want to allow the seller to delay w/o replying with any type of positive outcome. Escalate, and be sure to follow PP instructions when shipping back. I'd get signature beyond just delivery conf when you return it to the seller.

    (just read above)OUCh, a off Ebay transaction.

    I suppose you could dispute with your CC regarding it, but I think most of those are on INR's (not received items) than for SNAD type of issues. I'd speak with your CC company regarding your rights on your use of the card and protection.