I am sooo upset

  1. I come home and have an email from eBay saying:

    Now what is odd to me is 2grls4us is a co-worker whom I worked with about 2 years ago, I have never purchased from her and I have called her home and left a message along with emailing ebay. I just want my account back in GOOD standing!UGH
  2. Maybe SHE had HER account suspended at one point and is using YOUR info on a new account for HER. Thing is, sellers may pick up YOUR address to sent items bought? I don't know how that would work but something is screwy! Maybe you should write to ebay live and see what they recommend.
  3. If her account is suspended, there might be not much you can do at her end, such as changing her number so something else.

    If it is the phone number duplicated, why don't you use your cell phone number as eBay's contact number?

    eBay live? This will be a "SafeHarbor" thing and "eBay live" probably will not be able to help.
  4. I just got off the phone with her and she has had her account suspended due to copied photos from the MY TWINN web site not using her own photos.

    She is playing dumb and I sent her a copy of my email. I guess I will have to wait it out but it I am baffled as to why she would use my infomration why not a inlaws or whatever?
  5. Did you both use your work address or telephone number?
    That could be it.
  6. Wow...I'm so sorry this is happening to you!

    Good luck for a hasty resolution!

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.
  7. We have not worked together in over 3 years so I don't know the connection or than I did have her in "my favorite sellers" just to look at what she was selling but this is nuts.
    All my personal information is my home number and home addy and my home email. So this just baffles me:confused1: I never did any business with her
  8. Obviously, she stole your identity. Report this to eBay - live help would be good in getting you to the right section of eBay - they do have phones, somewhere.

    Then, report it to your local police. I'm quite serious. We've had this happen THREE times in the past year (not with eBay - with our Visa card). Once, it was a trash digger that took a receipt out of our trash (I actually saw him digging through the trash, thought it was just about helping the planet and recycling). Twice - it was students at the college where we work, who worked in the cafeteria, copied the VISA numbers, knew who we were, and looked up other identifying information online.

    Your former coworker is doing the same thing. Don't call her any more - she can't possibly be happy that you know about it. Think about it. She's stolen your identity AND she's a bad eBayer - that's not good.

    Call the police - you can give a report over the phone - you really must do it.
  9. Please
    do not loose a friend over this
    E bay are suspending all over the place at the moment
    they are just kicking people off right left and centre.

    for no good reason, they have so many lawsuits going on against them at the moment
    and the uk government is looking into ticket sales and thinking of changing legislation, along with the irs, tax people
    they have just gone paranoid

    It will be there loss eventually
    I have heard of lots of people having there accounts suspended for no reason , false accusations etc etc

    sorry to hear you are also going through this
    but I am afraid any energy you put into fighting it , wont change there action They dont care about any sellers or buyers why should they , they have a complete monopoly at the moment
    Though in time How the mighty can fall

    stay strong, but pls do not loose a friend over this take your feelings of injustice to e bay
    not your colleague
  10. I agree totally. I would definately consider this course of action. You can inform her of what you plan to do, but definately let Ebay know about her and the slight relationship you had with her.
  11. They also connect you by your IP address. So that if you ever used your work computer to set up / view / answer emails, etc. on eBay they would have your work IP (all IP's ever used) on file and they've connected you that way. I would either call or do a live chat with eBay and get the issue resolved immediately.
  12. I assume it is an ip address related problem. But regardless, I would look into it immediately in case it is an identity theft problem.
  13. 'We aren't allowed on the net at work if we get busted for playing instead of working we will be fired. So I don't get on ebay at work only at home.

  14. ^^BIG FAT DITTO! ^^ In fact, what she has done I believe is a FELONY.

    Contact eBay, your local law enforcement and the FBI. This is a very serious crime!

    Go here: FBI Internet Crime

    GOOD LUCK! And keep us updated!!
  15. I've tried live help and they said its a Safty issue so i have to wait unitl I hear back from them which i have emailed 3 times now

    I have a hard time thinking Chirsty is stealing my idenity and why me of all the people! I have not worked with her in over 2 years but she did come in and sub some over christmas vacation. Maybe I am too trusting I don't know????