I am sooo stupid!!

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  1. Ok, so I got the Alma PM in Amarante a few weeks back- I was in a major hurry that day, we were going to a wine event and we were late, and I just had enough time to take her out of the box and leave, but I noticed I did not get keys for the lock!!

    So my hubby calls LV and they say, just come in and we will give you a new set, so great! Well, the other day hubby was getting ready for work and I was dusting the fingerprints off my alma, and I grabbed that thing I thought was decoration, that I didnt know was a KEY BELL! OMG, I have had the keys all along, I am so stupid!

    I am so thankful I did not go to LV and embarass myself!!! I had a mono alma, never a vernis, I really just didn't know, and on the description on the LV site, it mentions keybell for MM, but not PM!

    I think the key bell is so cool!
  2. :lol: i'm so glad you didn't have to make the trip! this is a very cute story!
  3. Very cute story, thanks for sharing!
  4. I did the same thing with my amarante alma pm...I acutually called the store and they told me to where to find the keys!!
  5. I would have been mortified if they actually showed me I had it all along!! I just am so happy, and it all makes sense! But really if you only have experience with mono, switching to vernis, someone should really tell you where to find them! I am glad I am not the only one!!:biggrin:
  6. That is too funny. I would have doen the same thing.
  7. so cute!
  8. Hehe... I almost did the same thing... It took me a minute to realize it was hanging there...
  9. LOL:smile: I was thinking the same thing when I got my vernis alma's. I almost called and then I noticed the bell. Congrats!
  10. OMG that is SO something I would have done....too funny! Glad you found the keys before you made the trip to LV! Enjoy your new Alma!
  11. You are not stupid at all! I did the same thing when I got my first Vernis Alma and I almost went back but thank goodness I realized it and did not make a fool of myself! You know I bet more people than we think do the exact same thing and just don't admit it :P I am sure people have called or gone back to LV!
  12. The only thing that really makes me mad about all this, is now I dont have a (legit) reason to drag my hubby to Louis Vuitton!! :P
  13. ;)
  14. LOL!! I think we all have done things like that, probably even worse
  15. Ha sounds like me-enjoy your new bag.