I am sooo sick of vuitton!!!!!

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  1. I live in Dallas tx! Everyone has one! mostly they have the speedy 25, or 30! But point is I am sick of looking at them! All they are is painted canvas with leather trim. I understand they are a timeless classic and things of that nature. Outside of that whats the big deal I would rather stick with my marc jacobs thats all leather. What would make me want to buy one of these bags????????? :confused1:
  2. Everyone has different tastes - that's what's great about this forum - you get exposed to so many different brands and styles.

    I love LV because I think their designs and they have so many innovative lines, especially of late.

    I have Marc Jacobs bags as well, but I always go back to LV because I think they're more versatile.
  3. Uh, perhaps I'm mistaken, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a forum for people who LOVE Vuitton so your thread title makes me feel that your post doesn't belong here. We are the wrong audience for your gripe.

    In an effort to answer your question, that being, "What would make me want to buy one of these bags?" I could tell you some reasons but if you are already adverse to Vuitton then my delineating reasons wouldn't help you much.

    Lastly, I can assure you that everyone does not have one. You may be seeing some Vuittons and you may also be seeing a barage of counterfeit bags because "almost" everyone wishes that they had one. If you have found a bag that you are very happy with, that being Marc Jacobs, then I say congratulations and stick with what you like. I'm sure there's a forum for folks who love Marc Jacobs bags.

    Have a wonderful day!
  4. I do agree that it's a little played out, especially the monogram speedy. But I can't get enough of them - maybe you could go to a boutique and speak with an SA so you have a better appreciation for them?
  5. I agree - try the Marc Jacobs forum. If you truly want to know why we love our Louis Vuitton bags, then ask - but your post is confrontational on its face, so I doubt you will get the responses you are looking for, if you are. Marc Jacobs bags are pretty I guess; I wouldn't want one, but it's all personal opinion.
  6. Well, I think you are bit biased.You come to LV forum and start this thread..ok people have different taste..

    look up previous posts..you guys will get it..
    You are promoting MJ sales at Barneys to death..
  7. I agree that there are far too many speedys...everyone these days has one But I :heart: it, its a beautiful bag.
  8. Each to his own. There are plenty of bags I don't like the style of, or dislike to carry for whichever reason. I don't visit those forums..let those who enjoy them, do!

    Negative threads have become increasingly common , i.e. "I hate the {designer brand & style}" or "eek I just saw a fake {designer brand}"
  9. I live near Dallas and I buy all my lv's at the Dallas Galleria. Sure, if you shop in the galleria you're going to see tons of lv's being carried and I'm sure they are dominate in certain areas of the city. I'm not sure why it bothers you so much that you would start a thread about it. It doesn't bother me when somebody carries a different handbag than I do. It sounds like you have found a brand you like, so I suggest you stick with Marc Jacobs. Btw, I believe there is a MJ outlet store in Allen, Texas so you can buy your bags even cheaper.
  10. If you're sick of Vuitton, this is not the forum for you. I go to Dallas shopping quite often, & I don't agree that everyone has a Speedy. That statement is ridiculous. Sounds like you just want to start some drama. :roflmfao:
  11. Are you sure all the ones you are seeing are real LV's? I ask becuase when I worked in NYC, I saw TONS of LV...I would venture to say anywhere from 50-75% were fake.
  12. I just looked up previous posts. The OP has been warned several times about soliciting sales. He works for Marc Jacobs. I think he is just trying to stir things up, so I'm going to ignore this at this point.

    I love my LVs!
  13. Wrong place to bash LV LOL Maybe we can all tell you why we don't like MJ bags..........
  14. SORRY...LV lover here...even though I see lots of them (mono speedies) they are still classic and lasting piece! and I agree with everyone, you've got the wrong crowd to bash LV in!
  15. Well put lady! :smile:

    I appreciate a beautiful bag, not really leaning towards one designer over another.
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