I am sooo sick of the rampant fraud on eBay *rant*

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  1. I sold a fairly large ticket item a week ago on eBay. Smooth transaction, item went out to the buyer, all is well.

    Today I received a message through eBay from another bidder on the auction. This person looks to have about 5 feedbacks and is fairly new.

    To make a long story short, this bidder somehow got duped by a spoof email making her a second chance offer on MY ITEM. How this happened, I have no clue. I contacted her back and told her to contact eBay fraud and Paypal as soon as possible as I had not made her that offer. :cry:

    I am really beginning to hate eBay. I sent them a message thru their stupid system about this. I know I will likely get a canned reply from a rep who has not even read the message and who does not care that someone was defrauded. I also called Paypal and let them know- they are actually really nice every time I talk to them, so I guess that's a plus.

    These things also make me mad because I don't like my selling ID to be used as a conduit for fraud either. This seems to have become much worse over the past six months and eBay does not seem to be doing ANYTHING about it!!!! :rant:
  2. Wow, that is totally unacceptable! What is wrong with people? How can these scamers sleep at night?
  3. I think in the future, I will resort to private auctions. That way the bidders won't be targeted this way.
  4. Aaaargh, it is so easy to get duped with all these phishing schemes, especially newbies! Poor gal, AND poor YOU for being drug into the scandal.
    I agree everyday I get more and more disgusted with eBay's way of looking the other direction to the extent their lawyers advise as long as the register still goes cha-ching for them... :censor:

  5. I don't think there is a way to stop spoof mail.

    I am not defending ebay, I have sorta have a love/heat relationship with ebay.

    IMHO, selling on the internet is not as nice as it used to be. It is sad really.

    On the other hand, people tend to not do research. How many read TOS agreements and understand caveat emptor, or practice safe internet buying? How many even bother with a firewall for that matter. People do need to take some responsibility and educate themselves.

    I feel bad for you. I know the work it is to sell on ebay, to provide good customer service, how you take pride in your feedback.

    I am sorry you got dragged into a mess like that.
  6. Sorry to hear that Roo. I swear, people go to new, and exceptionally lower lengths everyday to deceive people. I hope everything gets cleared up soon, I know you and the other buyer must be extremely frustrated right now.
  7. omg this makes me so much more nervous about using ebay
    even aften being on it for 6 yrs
  8. Thanks for all the replies. There is not much I can do except cover my own rear end- that's why I called Paypal and let eBay know right away. I know the spoofs are becoming worse. A few weeks ago I received a spoof email with my FIRST and LAST NAME on it. I called PP immediately in a panic- I had never seen that before. They informed me that someone who sent me a payment in the past must have had their account hijacked. I have been keeping a really close eye on my accounts ever since- but it is becoming apparent to me that private auctions are the way to go from now on.
  9. I got a spoof email from PayPal last week :mad: I agree about private auctions, that might be a better option from now on.
  10. Thanks for saying that. I am torn about the private auctions because I think sometimes people question it because of shill bidding issues. I am just tired of people who just want to bid on something nice (and who may be new and unaware of the scams) being targeted. I just can't stand (conscience wise) to be a part of that.
  11. I agree. There are so many fake bags on ebay, yet there isn't anyone regulating these items?? I thought the whole point of buying things on this site was bc it was "Safe". :blink:
  12. What bothers me is that EBAY no longer has a number on which you can call them for technical support or any other assistance.
  13. That's terrible. I received one of those emails from something I bid on before. I knew the item was good and sold to someone else so I ignored it. But has anyone listed anything on ebay recently and been getting "question from ebay member" messages which are actually solicitations to join them in selling stuff?? I've been getting those ever since I listed a bag last week.
  14. im a ebay buyer newbie....and I am just wondering what is a private auction (is it something done thourgh ebay??or thourgh friends)????
  15. I feel this way too (both as buyer and seller) but the problem is that some buyers see private auctions as a sign that something is amiss (which sometimes it is and therefore I'm reluctant to use them as a seller and I think buyers as well are reluctant). It's unfortunate.